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How The Ending Of Game Of Thrones Was Always Going To Be A No Win Situation

Why The Ending Was Doomed To Be Divisive.
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    1The Ending Couldn't Be Too Happy
    Too Many Bad Things Happen On The Show For There To Be A Perfectly Happy Ending Where Everybody Celebrates Or Gets Together

  • 2Having The Same Exact Ending As Avengers Endgame
    Specifically If Everything Just Came Down To Defeating The Night King Or Cersei But Someone Has To Sacrifice Themselves To Achieve Victory
    Also If Everyone Had To Team Up To Defeat Danaerys Who Already Is Acting Like Thanos.

  • 3Probably Still Would Have Hated The Ending Even If They Developed It Longer To A Season 13
    Because Some Fans Didn't Want Danaerys To Go Mad, Bran To Become King, Or Jaime Going Back To Cersei.

  • 4What If The Books Did Get Finished Before The Show Ended And Fans Didn't Like How The Books Ended And The Show Was Forced To Rewrite A New Ending Make Your Case
  • 5What If The Show Ended With Everybody Dying Make Your Case
  • 6Fans Would Have Complained About Any Ending Not Being Written By George R R Martin Make Your Case
  • 7Could Have Been No Ending At All Because Of HBO Cancelling The Show Around Season 4 Or 5 Because Of The Books Not Being Finished Make Your Case
  • 8Ultimately What Ever Ending Came After Danaerys Going Mad Was A No Win Situation
    Generally Fans Would Be Mad No Matter Who Won Because They Were Just So Mad About What Happened With Danaerys.
    Because Technically It Was All The Main Characters Faults That She Went Mad.

  • 9Some Of The Endings Fans Wanted Would Have Been Too Expensive To Film Make Your Case
  • 10People Being Mad About Their Favorite Character Dying Make Your Case
  • 11Other Endings Would Have Still Confused Viewers Make Your Case
  • 126 Episodes Still Probably Wouldn't Be Enough Make Your Case
  • 13Ending Being Too Similar To The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy Make Your Case
  • 14The Incest Issue If Danaerys And Jon Snow Or Jon Snow And Sansa Or Arya Ended The Show As Couples Make Your Case
  • 15Fans Would Be Calling Danaerys A Mary Sue If She Won In The End Or Arya If She Became The Queen Make Your Case
  • 16The Night King All The Sudden Talking And Explaining His Motives Would Have Looked Ridiculous Make Your Case
  • 17The Ending We Got Could Have Been More Bitter
    There Is Even Jon Getting Eaten By Drogon Or The Show Ending With Danaerys Ruling As The Mad Queen
    What If Grey Worm Did Kill Tyrion And Jon And Then There Is The Idea That Bran Actually Was Evil

  • 18The Fustration Of Having To Wait More Years For The Ending If They Did More Seasons After Season 8
    This Is Part Of The Reason Why Fans Stopped Watching The Walking Dead

  • 19Playing It Too Safe Make Your Case
  • 20Being Too Long Make Your Case
  • 21Other Endings Would Have Ignored Foreshadowing Or The Prophecies Make Your Case
  • 22Jon Or Danaerys Becoming The Rulers Would Have Been Too Predictable Make Your Case
  • 23Any Character Other Than Jon, Danaerys, Or Even Sansa Becoming The Ruler Wouldn't Have Made Sense Make Your Case
  • 24Realistically Jon And Danaerys Would Have Been Terrible Rulers
    Just Like What Fans Are Doing With Bran They Would Be Complaining About How They Would Be Terrible In Real Life

  • 25What If HBO Hired New Writers But They Didn't Finish The Show Right Either
    For Example If They Made Too Many Changes

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