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Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs The Vampire Diaries

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    1Sacrificing death of main character: Buffy over Elena suggested bybreefrsr
    Buffy, always.
    i agree. Buffy
  • 2Female Protaganist: Buffy over Elena suggested bybreefrsr
    Buffy, she has it all.
  • 3Witchy sidekicks: Willow over Bonnie suggested bybreefrsr
    Willow, she has more to character development and her legacy is undeniable.
    I think Bonnie was better. She never went evil the way Willow did.
  • 4British Vampire (secret softies): Spike over Klaus suggested bybreefrsr
    Spike, clearly.
  • 5Older mentor type: Giles vs Alaric suggested bybreefrsr
    Giles, no doubt.
    Giles over Alaric. Giles was funnier.
  • 6Werewolves: Oz vs Tyler suggested bybreefrsr
    Tyler He actually did more than Oz surprisingly
  • 7Good guy vamp: Angel vs Stefan suggested bybreefrsr
    ... Angel, why question?
    Stefan. He makes Angel look like Spike.
  • 8Quips: Xander vs Damon suggested bybreefrsr
    Xander hands down
    Xander for sure
  • 9Saving: the world vs Elena suggested bybreefrsr
    LOL The World. Elena had too much focus.
  • 10Dark Brooding Vampire (sometimes evil): Damon over Angel suggested bybreefrsr
    Also can be Spike vs Klaus.
  • 11Family: Dawn vs. Jeremy suggested byEmmaRaber
    Jeremy He actually was less whiny than Dawn.
  • 12Villains: Which One Has The Best Antagonists suggested bybobbylashley18
    Best Villains On The Vampire Diaries. Klaus,Katherine,Cade,The Herictics,Kai,Damon, and Ripper Stefan.
  • 13Better Spin Off: Angel vs. The Originals suggested bybobbylashley18
  • 14Best Vampires And Other Supernatural Creatures suggested bybobbylashley18
    Both Shows Had Vampires,Werewolves, and Witches
    The Vampire Diaries had Hybrids, Ghosts, and Psychics Buffy Had Demons and Gods
  • 15Final Season Villain: Cade vs The First suggested bybobbylashley18
    Both villains got a main character to do their work and both set up old characters to make an appearance.
  • 16Angel. He really comes into his own in his show, plus more Cordelia. I've seen episodes of the Originals, it's pretty much just as bland as the Vampire Diaries. suggested byLeaf

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