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Bohemian Rhapsody - Film vs. History

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  • 3 0 1Film - Queen band members decide to reunite to play at Live Aid vs Histoy - Before Live Aid Queen had been on a world tour less than two months earlier
  • 2 0 2Film - Freddie leaves to pursue a solo career vs History - Brain May and Roger Taylor had already released solo albums before Freddie
  • 2 0 3Film - Freddie learns he's HIV positive which happens before Queen's Live Aid appearance in 1985 and tells the band then vs History - Mercury's HIV diagnosis happened sometime after Live Aid and the o
  • 2 0 4Ray Foster is a fictional character
  • 2 0 5Film - Freddie Mercury fires Prenter after learning he had not told him about Live Aid vs History - Prenter was reportedly fired after throwing a party at Mercury's home and trashing the residence
  • 1 0 6Film - Freddie throws a lavish and wild party at his home, he meets Jim Hutton vs History - Mercury met Hutton at a London club called Heaven sometime in the early-to-mid-%u201880s
  • 1 0 7Film - Freddie heatedly fires Reid for hinting that he should leave Queen to pursue a solo career vs History - Reid split from Queen in 1977, and the break was amicable
  • 1 0 8Film - Queen were added to Live Aid at the last minute because Paul Prenter didn't tell Freddie vs History - Queen were added last minute because the band was in bad odor among progressives due to pla
  • 1 0 9Film - Mercury first meets up with May and Taylor after their bassist and singer Tim Staffell quit Smile vs History - Freddie already knew May and Taylor before Staffell quit Smile
  • 1 0 10Film - Freddie see Mary backstage at a Smile gig vs History - Brian May had briefly dated Mary Austin and Freddie didn't become interested in her until after he was already the lead singer of Queen
  • 1 0 11Film - John Deacon joins the band for their first concert vs History - John Deacon didn't actually join on to play bass until 1971
  • 1 0 12Film - Live Aid donations weren't doing well but Queen's performance drove up the donations vs History - When Queen performed donations were already at about 1 million pound but it was later on when a

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