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Another Top 10 Worst Things Done by Disney Villains

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    1Syndrome has almost all of the supers killed - The Incredibles Make Your Case
  • 2Jafar Brainwashing The Sultan And Trying To Force The Princess To Marry Him - Aladdin Make Your Case
  • 3The Evil Queen wanted Snow White's heart in a chest just because she was prettier, then poisoned her with an apple - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Make Your Case
  • 4Ursula Steals People's Souls Using Contracts - The Little Mermaid
    This was already covered on the previous list

  • 5Lotso abandons Woody, Buzz, and the toys and escapes - Toy Story 3 Make Your Case
  • 6Cruella Attempts to Kill Puppies for a Coat - One Hundred and One Dalmatians Make Your Case
  • 7Hans Leaving Anna To Freeze To Death And Trying To Kill Elsa - Frozen
    TheMichaelCityMaker Well sorry for not having the same opinions as you! Sorry I'm not allowed like things different from you! And you're gonna have to do better than that to silence me.
    Face it Hans is LAME and OVERRATED:
    Hans overrated: Horned King and Rourke SUPERIOR X 9000
    + 3 comment(s)

  • 8Callaghan Blow up an exhibit killing Hiro's brother in the process - Big Hero 6
    He also tried to kill Kreisler, showed no remorse for Tadashis death, made Hiro angry to the point of attempting to kill him, and almost destroyed San Fansokyo in the process of getting his vengeance
    He also stole Hiros Microbots too

  • 9Charles Muntz suggests people who he killed after he discovers about Kevin, captures Kevin/sets Carl's house on fire forcing Carl to choose between saving Kevin or his house - Up Make Your Case
  • 10Turbo took over RoadBlasters to sabotage them and result in them being unplugged & he is discovered to have displaced Vanellope as the main character in Sugar Rush - Wreck-It Ralph Make Your Case
  • 11Randall attempted to use the Scream Extractor on Mike, intended to forcefully extract screams from kidnapped children, & attempted to kill Sulley - Monsters, Inc. Make Your Case
  • 12Prince John overtaxes and imprisons the citizens of Nottingham - Robin Hood Make Your Case
  • 13Man Kills Bambi's Mother - Bambi
    Nope, it made it to the honorable metion in the first list.
    Already covered

  • 14Chick Hicks Severely Injures The King - Cars suggested byAnonymous
    This made Lightning McQueen throw the piston cup race in order to help The King out

  • 15Dr Facilier turns Naveen into a frog and Kills Ray - The Princess And The Frog suggested byAnonymous Make Your Case
  • 16Dawn Bellweather uses a serum to make predators go mad, frames Mayor lionheart, And tricks Judy Hopps into causing a rift between predators and prey - Zootopia suggested byAnonymous Make Your Case
  • 17Screenslaver tries to hypnotize superheroes to prevent them from becoming legal again - The Incredibles 2 suggested byAnonymous Make Your Case
  • 18Turbo taking over Sugar Rush - Wreck-It Ralph suggested byDirector22
    This is a duplicate suggestion
    Not to mention Turbo also changed Vanellope's coding and took away her royalty.

  • 19Hades overthrows Mount Olympus and releases the Titans upon the world - Hercules suggested byLyleVSXyle
    Hades is already featured.

  • 20Commander Rourke Beats Kashekim in front of Kida - Atlantis: The Lost Empire suggested byRazorRex
    II agree. This is the worst you can do. especially if said old man , voiced by leonard nimoy, is already sick and weak to begin with. King Kashekim provided them hospitality and Rourke went behind his back. Talk about biting the hand that feeds. Rourke basically caused internal bleeding and if that wasn't enough, threatened to shoot the old king an
    Why is this getting downvoted? Beating helpless old man in front of his daughter is far more dastardly than leaving someone to freeze to death!

  • 21The Horned King constantly strangling Creeper - The Black Cauldron suggested byRazorRex
    The Horned King is just far more evil compared to Hans who is only trying to seize Arendelle's throne because of issues with his brothers.
    Let's see: he's an evil sorcerer with decayed skin, a blood red cloak, glowing eyes, and a creepy voice that echoes (from the legendary John Hurt) who wants to raise an undead army to conquer all of Prydain. Hans just wanted to take over Arendelle, sure it's an evil scheme, but he just is doing it because he wants his brothers to stop picking on hi
    Horned King: Superior - Hans: Inferior
    + 2 comment(s)

  • 22Madame Medusa Kidnaps Penny and Forces Her to Find a Diamond - The Rescuers suggested byAdam Garfinkel Make Your Case
  • 23Ursula Turns people into polyps - The Little Mermaid suggested byhulkfan
    You already suggested that

  • 24Ursula Turns people into polyps suggested byhulkfan Make Your Case
  • 25Cruella DeVil%u2019s animal cruelty suggested bytaylorshanahan Make Your Case
  • 26Try to steal a civilization's life source - Atlantis: The Lost Empire suggested byDirector22 Make Your Case
  • 27Madame Medusa Kidnaps Penny And Forces her to look for The Devils Eye - The Rescuers suggested byAnonymous Make Your Case
  • 28Scar murders Mufasa suggested bySara Cohen
    This was covered on the previous list

  • 29Belleweather turns animals savage - Zootopia suggested byJannie Hjulmann Andersen Make Your Case
  • 30Maleficent curses an infant because she wasn't invited to the christening suggested byJannie Hjulmann Andersen Make Your Case

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