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Another Top 10 Infamous Trades In North American Sports

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    1Patrick Roy Traded From Monteal Canadians To Colorado Avalanche (1996)
    Tremblay is possibly the worst coach in Habs history.
    That incident was the reason why Roy wanted to be traded to the Avalanche. He no longer wants to play for the habs as long as Tremblay is coach.
    Roy demanded to be traded because he doesn't want to be coached by Mario Tremblay. He was also humiliated in a Canadiens - Red Wings game by allowing 9 goals in that loss.
    1995 actually.
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  • 2Pedro Martinez Traded From Montreal Expos To Boston Red Sox (1997)
  • 3Kris Draper traded from the Winnipeg Jets to Detroit Red Wings for $1 (1993) suggested byJoshua Trimberger
  • 4Randy Johnson Traded From Montreal Expos To Seattle Mariners (1999)
  • 5Carmelo Anthony Traded From Denver Nuggets To New York Knicks (2011)
  • 6Shaqullie O'Neal Traded From Orlando Magic to Los Angeles Lakers (1996)
  • 7Dwight Howard traded from Orlando Magic to Los Angeles Lakers (2012) suggested byRaymond Leduc
    This time the Lakers lost
  • 8Joe Montana Traded From San Francisco 49ers To Kansas City Cheifs (1993)
    I don't think that's infamous.
    Montana recovered from an injury during the 92 season, the 49ers decided to move on with Steve Young as their starting QB.
  • 9Jerome Bettis Traded From St.Louis Rams To Pittsburgh Steelers (1996)
    That's the point. Phillips has three underwhelming seasons in the NFL before being sent to prison for running over people, killing a prisoner and then killing himself. Bettis on the other hand, has a hall of fame career with the Steelers even winning a super bowl in his final year in 2005.
    Philllips was a BUST
    Rams traded Bettis to get a first round draft pick, which unfortunately they drafted Lawrence Phillips.
  • 10P.K. Subban Traded From Montreal Canadiens to Nashville Predators (2016) suggested bydave_macintyre
    We did get Shea Weber. I don't care if he's older.
  • 11Hershel Walker to Minnesota Vikings from the Cowboys in exchange for draft picks suggested byWilliam Sanders
    This trade is on the other video
    Wasn't this on the first list?
    "Great Trade Robbery" where Dallas traded Walker and three draft picks in exchange for picks that yielded Emmitt Smith among others and propelled the Cowboys to Super Bowl success.
  • 12Michael Carter-Williams Traded from the Philadelphia 76ers to the Milwaukee Bucks
    payton mannig to denver
  • 13Kevin Garnett traded from the Minnesota Timberwolves to the Boston Celtics (2007)
    Now I understand.
    What was so infamous about that?
  • 14Derrick Rose Traded from the Chicago Bulls to the New York Knicks (2016)
    Thank God! He was getting overpaid in the Windy City & getting injured every other game. He's the Knicks problem now.
  • 15Wayne Gretzky traded to the LA Kings suggested byWilliam Sanders
    this is on the other video
  • 16Scottie Pippen Traded from Seattle Supersonics to Chicago Bulls (1987)
  • 17Yankees Trade Mike Morgan, Fred McGriff and Dave Collins to Toronto suggested byWilliam Sanders
  • 18Allen Iverson Traded from the Philadelphia 76ers to the Denver Nuggets (2006)
  • 19Cole Hamels Traded from the Philadelphia Phillies to the Texas Rangers (2015)
  • 20Wlit Chamberlain Traded from the Philadelphia 76ers to the Los Angeles Lakers (1968)
  • 21Marshall Faulk Traded from the Colts to the Los Angeles Rams (1999)
    Colts made a smart move as they became super bowl contenders with Manning as their franchise player.
    Faulk may have won a super bowl in 1999 and finished his hall of fame career with the Rams but that team suffered after the early 2000's. Colts are lucky however, they only had three losing seasons since drafting Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck.
  • 22Chris Paul Traded From New Orleans Hornets To Los Angeles Clippers (2011)
    He was about to be traded to the Lakers. but the NBA made it clear that trade ain't gonna happen.
  • 23Jose Bautista Traded From Pittsburgh Steelers To Toronto Blue Jays (2008)
    Yea it was an accident
    You meant Pittsburgh Pirates?
  • 24Brian Elliott to Calgary flames suggested
  • 25LeBron James Traded From Cleveland Cavaliers To Miami Heat (2010)
    It was a free agent signing and a trade, that happens in the nba signing and trade.
    It was a sign and a trade
    Free agent signing, not a trade
  • 26John Elway traded to Denver from the Baltimore Colts suggested byWilliam Sanders
    This is one the other video
  • 27Doug Gilmour Traded From Toronto Maple Leafs To Calgary Flames (1992)
    Calgary TO Toronto.
  • 28payton mannig to denver suggested byjhwoe6
    The Colts reluctantly released Peyton because they need to start over with Andrew Luck.
    Peyton Manning Traded from the Colts to The Denver Broncos (2012)
  • 29Kevin Durant from OKC to Golden State suggested byFlesxelA
    A free agent signing, no trade.

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