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Another Top 10 Hardest Video Game Boss Fights

also part of: Another Top 10 hardest boss fights
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    1Anubis Rex - Pac-Man World
  • 2Shao Kang - mortal kombat 9 suggested byDean McArdle
    Shao Kahn
    *Shao Kahn
  • 3Jet - Streets of Rage 3
  • 4Lotus Guardian - Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril
  • 5Biolizard - Sonic Adventure 2
  • 6Sans - Undertale (Genocide Route) suggested byJackson Locke
    One hp this guy should go down in one hit. WRONG He will curb stomp you into oblivion all of his attacks do one damage but they inflict lingering damage which can quickly turn into 30 to 50 damage
  • 7Twin Freaks - Dynamite Headdy
  • 8Grand Inquisitor Jia - Jade Empire suggested byTorrun Corvel
    She was harder than even Death's Hand (who was surprisinly easy) and Sun Li
  • 9Ozmu-Final Fantasy 9 suggested byJames Cooper
  • 10Lady Yunalesca-Final Fantasy 10 suggested byJames Cooper
  • 11Sting chameleon - Megaman x suggested byJames Cooper
    Try fighting him without his weakness
  • 12Culex-Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars suggested byKyGuy711
  • 13Egg Viper - Sonic Adventure
  • 14Orphan of Kos - Bloodborne suggested byAlcyoneus
  • 15Neo Zeed - The Revenge of Shinobi
  • 16Ennard - Five Nights At Freddy's: Sister Location suggested byLue Davies
  • 17Gaping Dragon-Dark Souls suggested by12733
    This dragon can become annoying especially if your trying to cut its tail off. It has a one hit kill move in which it grabs you and tosses you into its vagaina mouth and chomps you to death
  • 18 Red Pokémon gold and silver and Crystal suggested byKirby terks
  • 19Dark aeons - Final Fantasy X suggested byJoshua Marvin
  • 20Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix - Lingering Will suggested byJoshua Marvin
  • 21Giant Bowser - New Super Mario Bros 2. suggested byLue Davies
  • 223.6.0 - Fire Pro Wrestling (Xbox 360) suggested byLue Davies
  • 23Clayface - Batman: Arkham Asylum suggested byLue Davies
  • 24Psycho Mantis - Metal Gear Solid suggested byLue Davies
  • 25Mysterio - Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions suggested byLue Davies
  • 26Atrocity (Part 2) - Spiderman: Edge Of Time suggested byLue Davies
  • 27Harambe - Meme Run suggested byLue Davies

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