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Another Top 10 Hardest Boss Fights in Video Games

also part of: Another Top 10 hardest boss fights
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Most hardest bosses based on challenge factor and how much the boss fight made players want to rage-quit.
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    1Gladiator Droid (Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire) Make Your Case
  • 2Chilly Ride (Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon)
    The Shrewd Possessor is the boss ghost at the Secret Mine and he's one tricky son-of-a-gun. Luigi (you) must shoot bombs at the sheet of ice cover the ice monster's face, but after he loses a sheet, he gets further away and it'll be hard to hit his ice sheets. Not to mention, if you don't destroy the sheet in time, it'll come back and you have a li

  • 3Top Gun Instructors - Era 1, Academy Level 5 (Top Gun: Combat Zones)
    It's actually the 15th academy mission that's really annoying with hard dogfights. If you get hit with missiles three times and it's game over.
    The 5th academy level in one of Titus' better licensed games should not have hard to beat bosses!! You have to shoot down two of your Top Gun instructors, with ONLY your machine guns, under a tight time limit and you have no air-to-air missiles. You better study up if you want to shoot down these planes to graduate.

  • 4Star Wolf in the Wolfen II (Star Fox 64)
    The final level in Star Fox 64 has two boss fights. The boss first fight is a battle against Star Wolf in their Wolfen II, which can do barrel rolls and it becomes frustrating to land a single hit on those ship. You're in trouble if you don't have hyper lasers by the time you start.

  • 5Jet - Streets of Rage 3 suggested byAXHP Make Your Case
  • 6Anubis Rex - Pac-Man World suggested byAXHP Make Your Case
  • 7King K. Rool - Donkey Kong Country
    The final boss in "Donkey Kong Country" is pretty tough. First, he'll charge you. Next, he'll drop cannon balls on top of you that you must dodge and there's hardly any room for error. Lastly, he hops at you trying to take you out.

  • 8Tabuu - Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    The boss fight against Tabuu in Super Smash Bros. Brawl isn't easy, but one of his attacks is a huge circular shockwave that can do severe damage and is frustrating to evade. Even when using Meta Knight, the most unfair playable character in the game, it can be annoying to take him down.

  • 9Neo Zeed - The Revenge of Shinobi suggested byAXHP Make Your Case
  • 10Sans - Undertale suggested byRhyan Vannice
    Other than his hard to dodge atacks, the main reason he's such a pain is that he breaks almost every rule in the game (and in most turn-based RPGs in general). With how difficult it is to fight him, Sans doesn't feel like a final boss, but more like straight up punishment for doing a Genocide Run.

  • 11Yellow Devil (Megaman) suggested byKenneth Pittman
    One of the hardest boss battles in the classic Mega Man series, if you're not very skilled at Mega Man games.

  • 12Bowyer (Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars)
    Bowyer has a move that can disable buttons on your Super NES controller.

  • 13Bongo Bongo - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Make Your Case
  • 14Kul Teska (Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Republic Heroes) Make Your Case
  • 15Gill (Street fighter 3) suggested byKenneth Pittman Make Your Case
  • 16Samuel Rodrigues - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance suggested byMaximiliano Aedo Make Your Case
  • 17Lotus Guardian - Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril suggested byAXHP Make Your Case
  • 18Biolizard - Sonic Adventure 2 suggested byAXHP Make Your Case
  • 19Twin Freaks - Dynamite Headdy suggested byAXHP Make Your Case
  • 20Kudgel - Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Make Your Case
  • 21The Last Boss (Drakenguard 3) suggested byKenneth Pittman Make Your Case
  • 22Trial 100 (Final Fantasy XII: International Zodiac Job System) suggested byKenneth Pittman Make Your Case
  • 23Awakened Daimon (Dragon's Dogma) suggested byKenneth Pittman Make Your Case
  • 24Elizabeth (Persona 3) suggested byKenneth Pittman Make Your Case
  • 25Rebel Flagship (FTL: Faster Than Light) suggested byKenneth Pittman Make Your Case
  • 26Maya (Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey) suggested byKenneth Pittman Make Your Case
  • 27Dunkio's Mom (Borderlands 2) suggested byChesterstat Make Your Case
  • 28Terramorphous the Invincible (Borderlands 2) suggested byChesterstat Make Your Case
  • 29Captain Barbosa - Kingdom Hearts II Make Your Case
  • 30Wiggler - Mario Kart DS Make Your Case
  • 31Trolls - Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone Make Your Case

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