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Another Top 10 Dysfunctional Screwed Up TV Families

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    1Fire Nation Royal Family-Avatar: The Last Airbender
    How did this one not make the first list!?
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  • 2Tendou’s-Ranma ½
    sell skimpy photos of and paid dates with her little sister and her little sister's fianc alike for extra pocket money. And the youngest daughter, Akane Tendo, an emotionally unstable and very tsundere tomboy martial artist.
    the overemotional father, Soun Tendo, who bursts into a geyser of tears at little provocation. The eldest daughter, Kasumi Tendo, who is a Yamato Nadeshiko so sweet and nice she frankly comes off as deliberately oblivious at times. The middle daughter, Nabiki Tendo, a mercenary moneymaker and teenage seductress who will happily sell skimpy photos o
  • 3The Ikaris-Neon Genesis Evangelion
    reluctant Chosen One Shinji Ikari, evil father Gendo Ikari, ambitious mastermind mother Yui Ikari, Yui's little clones Rei Ayanami I, II, and III, and the Humongous Mecha that has Yui's soul inside. There's also Shinji's Parental Substitute, Misato Katsuragi, and Misato's other fostered child, Asuka Langley Soryu.
  • 4Russos-Wizards Of Waverly Place
    Eventually, the siblings have to fight to have their wizard powers.
  • 5Lopez Family-The George Lopez Show
    George's dad left him, his mom's a bitter drunk, his daughter gets bullied an extreme amount and always is getting in trouble with boys, his son is get the picture.
  • 6The Riveras-El Tigre: The Misadventures of Manny Rivera
    ....Four 7 generations, they've had heroes and villains in their family. Remember that episode?
  • 7The Kaibas-YuGiOh
    Oh yeah, Mokuba was messed up in the manga
    The Kaibas. Each member is an egomaniac and megalomaniac except for Mokuba, who was neglected by the father and ironically this is why he is the only normal one in the family aside from a sadistic streak in the manga.
  • 8The Uchihas-Naruto
    They've been cursed for generations.
  • 9Zolydacks-Hunter x Hunter
    A family of assassins. There's no way that situation is gonna end well.
  • 10Pucketts-iCarly
  • 11Tao Family-Shaman King
    Their entire family was betrayed and forced into seclusion, Ren/Len is partially insane and has a murder complex that's tortured by his father, his sister enslaves dead people and her guardian ghost, and Tao En...the less said about him the better.

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