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Another Top 10 Cartoon Character Changes That Made Fans Rage Quit

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    1Ash Graven - Final Space
    Became a lackey of Invictus when she knew better than that
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  • 2Queen Moon - Star Vs The Forces Of Evil
    She is mainly Portrayed as a strict and level headed wise Queen who wanted what she thought was best for her daughter but near the end she was revealed to be a traitor and a Mina Loveberry supporter and she held many petty grudges towards Eclipsa
  • 3Princess Clara - Drawn Together
    Turned from a sweet and naive princess who was bigoted but well meaning to a hateful and anti Semitic spoiled religious hypocrite
  • 4Herbert Garrison - South Park
    Went from a silly teacher who uses a puppet to a hypocritical and arrogant man. His derailment went as far as getting a sex change operation out of nowhere and then running for president and turning into a Donald trump clone
  • 5Gerald Broflovski - South Park
  • 6Roger - American Dad
  • 7Jerry Smith - Rick And Morty
    Went from an average dad who is smarter than other sitcom dads and wore the pants in the house to a totally selfish wimp
  • 8Ren Hoek - The Ren And Stimpy Show
  • 9Dr. Psycho - Harley Quinn
  • 10Lynn Loud - The Loud House
  • 11Albert Peabody - The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show suggested byJaiden Vonflatern
  • 12Randy Marsh - South Park
  • 13Granddad - The Boondocks
  • 14Peggy Hill - King Of The Hill
  • 15Chris - Total Drama
  • 16Pamela "Pam" Poovey - Archer
  • 17Ms. Frankie - Solar Opposites
    Went from a strict and slightly bigoted teacher who cared for the school to a manipulative, sex crazed, child hating woman who tortured animals to get what she wants
  • 18Memnock and Zenblock- Super Noobs
    They seemed to show character development after a noob divided cannot noob episode when they stop bickering. With each other. They were also shown to be wise and strong but season 2 not only threw their character development out the window and got them fighting again but made them weaker and dumber and incapable of performing a supernova
  • 19Peter Griffin - Family Guy suggested byAndrew Hager
  • 20Lois Griffin - Family Guy suggested byAndrew Hager
  • 21Bonnie Swanson - Family Guy suggested byAndrew Hager


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