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!Yet Another Top 10 Saddest Cartoon Episodes!

Each time These episodes get very sad, for this list we will see the episodes that left all the fans wanting to cry even in our homes
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    1The Last Problem - My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (2010-19)
    And at the end of telling his story The Saddest is the Farewell of The Princess CELESTIA Y LUNA when he announced his retirement, and Twilight and The rest of his Friends Decide to show luster how friendship works, They show a scene where they reveal All the Characters we met inthe previous Episodes, and the ending ends with the book closing giving
    In the history of Twilight, Princess Celestia and LUNA tells Twilight that she should move to Canterlot so she can be The Princess, since that implies that she should leave her position of Director of the school of friendship and Y castle in Ponyville
    After the defeat of Chrysalis, Tirek and Cozy Glow, The End of My Little Pony I leave all the fans with a big wound in the Heart, Since it shows A story Princess Twilight Tells Luster Down how it was learned about friendship
    When My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I finish with a gold brooch Saying goodbye to Generation 4, and this episode was so sad emotional that it had premiered in 2019
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  • 2The Bot - Wander over Yonder (2013-16)
    And wander when he cried after the death of his robot friend all fans cried until they cried in their beds, when Wander remembered the good memories they shared together, he was the only one who treated Beep Boop as a true friend and not as a villain
    But life goes around a lot, and Wander will run out of happiness for one thing, and with that we mean a part where Beep Boop confronted Dominator to stop his plans, and Dominardor when he discovered the Beep Boop Dominator Betrayal hits him and he murders him by throwing it into space withthe burning circuits look at the picture that was taken and
    When Dominador sends all his robots to collect lava on all the planets in the galaxy, there is the story of a robot called Beep Boop that is a robot that was broken down and Wander adopts it even if Silvia does not accept it They form a forbidden friendship since It reminds us of Hiccup and Toothless of the Movie how train your dragon
  • 3Chapter 6 - Final Space (2018-) suggested byAnonymous
    When Gary and Avocato manage to put Little Cato safe on the Ship, Lord Commander used his powers to put a bomb on Little Cato to kill him and the entire crew, but Avocato realizes he asks Gary to take care of his son, and he I sacrifice to save Little Cato and his friends from die Exploded by the Bomb
    When Gary and the rest of his friends prepare to close the time gap that Pollutes the Galaxy, Little Cato Decides to Send a message to his father where he is trapped, Gary and avocato decide to go to the planet where he was located to save Little Cato must take a trip dangerous to perform the Rescue, however He Succeeded
  • 4Come Along With Me - Adventure time (2010-18)
    And Fern the evil twin of Finn but reformed is also the Next to die, and decided to ask Finn to Bury his Seed in the Treehouse that was destroyed during the final battle, Finn jake and the rest of his friends decided to accompany Finn to perform Fern's funeral forI could have a funeral Worthy
    Since some scenes are so exciting but some are so sad, because two of our favorite characters died in battle the first is Betty Groff who sacrificed herself to wish for the banishment of Golb from the land of hoo
    They know that Time is: It's time to cry, and sorry for the very sad Expression Since the Final Episode of Adventure time has left all the fans with a great storm of tears, since the Synopsis Tells about the Final Battle of the Earth from Hoo they must defeat Gumballd and Golb
  • 5#MisGivingTree - DC Super Hero Girls (2019-)
    and there was a moral in this episode, we learned that you have to take care of nature including trees because if you don't take care of the environment, you will end up with the species and with humanity
    and the worst part is that poison ivy appeared to kill the workers, but green lantern decides to take action to save workers from poison ivy attacks, but failed to try to save the tree since a tractor flew out and crashed into The legendary tree
    When Jessica and Pamela are tied in the tree to protect it, the tree decides to tell its story since the tree was a guardian of nature until the evil of man ended the species and the trees giving rise to the metropolis city
    To apprehend that All episodes of this series begin with a #, but I'm going straight to the point, it starts with Jessica Cruz when she tries to protest to protect the legendary Metropolis tree that is about to be demolished by construction but nobody really takes the message except Pamela, sinceshe loves plants, you decide to help Jessica
  • 6What Ever Happened to Della Duck? - Ducktales (2017-) suggested byIgnacio Jose Vera Minguez
    When the alien baby is very scared he starts to cry, when della had understood the mistake of attacking his mother, he decides to sing the song of the moon to calm him down, since that melody reminds us of the Ducktales video game
    But his plans fail when della discovers that an alien inhabits the moon eating the spaceship and when he attacks the alien to end the discovery he discovers the reason why he wanted Metal from his ship since he wanted it to feed his baby
    After such a long time of the unexpected return of Ducktales there is an episode that made us cry, well it all started when della stole her uncle's ship to see the galaxy was stranded on the moon and decided to hope to return
  • 7All in The Time Family - Masha And The Bear (2009-) suggested byIgnacio Jose Vera Minguez
  • 8Long Live The Queen - The Lion Guard (2016-19)
  • 9The End and the Beginning - Harvey Beaks (2015-17) suggested byIgnacio Jose Vera Minguez
  • 10Gang Wars - Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids suggested byDirector22
  • 11Turning Point - Spider-Man: The Animated Series suggested byDirector22
  • 12Chapter 8 - Final Space suggested byAnonymous
  • 13Chapter 10 - Final Space suggested byAnonymous
  • 14The Closer You Get - Final Space suggested byAnonymous
  • 15The Sixth Key - Final Space suggested byAnonymous
  • 16Epilogue - Justice League: Unlimited suggested byDirector22
  • 17Teddy Godzilla - Code Lyoko (2003-07) suggested byIgnacio Jose Vera Minguez
  • 18Operation Dad - The Casagrandes suggested bymarissa may

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