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Top 5 Worst Things Vegeta Has Done

The Prince of Saiyans Has a Shady History…

While nowadays he’s everyone’s favourite anti-hero and a devoted family man, there was a time where Vegeta was just as much of a threat to the people of Earth as Cell or Frieza. No matter how much you’ve come to adore him over the course of Z and Super, nothing can scrub away these five insidious actions that make up the Saiyan Prince’s chequered past!

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#5: Letting Cell Achieve His Perfect Form

Quite possibly the most poignant example of how dangerous Vegeta’s pride could really be, his overwhelming confidence in his own power proved to be his undoing after letting the ultimate android fulfil its purpose. By letting Cell absorb Android 18, he achieved a form that was even too much for the Saiyan Prince to handle. Not only did this result in Cell shattering both Vegeta’s body and his spirit, but also paved the way for all the deaths that came after. Including that of his future son.

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#4: Blowing up a Bug Planet

Vegeta and Nappa’s journey to Earth wasn’t without its obstacles. At some point, they ended up taking a detour to a planet made of insectoids. This little adventure included them being imprisoned, breaking out, killing a massive bug beast, overthrowing a monarchy and actually doing some good for the populace. How did it all end? Vegeta blowing up the planet without a second thought. You know, considering what happened to his own world, he really shouldn’t be throwing stones, or planet-busting ki blasts in this case. 

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#3: Killing a Crowd of People

Well, that’s certainly one way to reintroduce yourself as a bad guy. After allowing himself to be controlled by Babidi, Vegeta ushered in his new Majin form by killing a whole group of innocent bystanders at the World Martial Arts Tournament, all to prove that the Dark Prince had truly returned. It’s a rather shocking sight, and the perfect demonstration of just how eager Vegeta was to embrace his chance at establishing himself as a bonafied villain. Have fun explaining that one to Bulma…

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#2: Killing Namekians

While the blame for the massacre of the Namekian people often falls upon the likes of Frieza and his minions, there’s no escaping the fact that Vegeta also contributed to the body pile. He may have put the genocide business behind him, but his desperate search for the Dragon Balls didn’t leave room for much mercy, hence why he killed anyone who came between him and his wish-granting orbs. This unfortunately included plenty of civilians along the way. You can’t be an anti-hero without breaking a few green eggs, apparently. 

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#1: Nearly Destroying the Earth

It’s easy to forget at times that before he was defending Universe 7 from annihilation, Vegeta was one of the biggest threats the Earth had ever seen. On his mission to recover the Dragon Balls, the Saiyan Elite finally met his match in his fated confrontation with Goku. Given the absurd level of arrogance that he had back then, the Prince of Saiyans eventually decided that the only way to best his foe and prove his superiority…would be to blow up the planet, courtesy of a Galick Gun.

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