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Top 5 PlayStation 4 Exclusives

The Best of the Best

Whatever your opinion on the seemingly never-ending console wars, it can’t be denied that exclusive games baring the PlayStation brand have excelled over the last few years. If you ever needed a reason to branch out and purchase Sony’s darling platform, it would be these five mini-masterpieces!

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#5: “Persona 5” (2017)

Technically we’re cheating a little since Atlus did release this title on the PS3, but let’s be honest, this game was made for the PS4. The hyper-stylized entry feels familiar with its story and high-school setting but dresses the combat in a new coat of paint by reintroducing long-lost mechanics like ranged attacks for the first time in a while. That diversity is much needed too since the larger palaces would risk getting stale with dozens of enemy encounters impeding your progress. The combat system really drives the experience of a JRPG and based on how much fun we had with this one, we’re comfortable saying it’s one of the best examples the genre has to offer.

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#4: “Bloodborne” (2015)

Taking the “souls” gameplay formula of heavy, thoughtful combat and tweaking it to make it slightly faster, Bloodborne is arguably From Software’s masterpiece that surpasses all previous efforts in a genre they themselves created. The dreary, gothic environments are detailed and atmospheric, and its faster combat results in aggressive play styles. And, like any Souls game, the bosses are incredibly tough, so if you couldn’t “git gud” at Dark Souls, chances are “Bloodborne” won’t be any easier on you.

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#3: “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” (2016)

The fourth iteration of Nathan Drake’s adventures delivers a story and world that’s not only as rich and exciting to explore as ever, but also a combat system that fixes all the problems of past games. The story delivers from start to finish, and the game works as a fitting final chapter for Nathan Drake. It’s the kind of quality gaming experience Naughty Dog has delivered time and time again, so it should come as no surprise that this game is among the PS4’s best. 

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#2: “Horizon Zero Dawn” (2017)

We don’t blame you if you’re getting tired of the open world template in video games, but as burnt out as you might be, you owe it yourself to give Horizon a shot. Yes, it looks gorgeous and the world feels alive thanks to its dynamic weather and day/night cycles, but it’s not just eye candy. The biologically inspired machine aesthetic for the enemies you’ll encounter is some of the most innovative that we’ve come across, and Aloy’s methods of dispatching them are equally fun. “Horizon Zero Dawn” gives us hope for the future of open-world games.

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#1: “God of War” (2018)

This is how you bring back a franchise. Not only do new weapons like the Leviathan Axe change the way players have to approach combat as opposed to the faster Blades of Chaos, but the Norse Mythology influence on the world really pushes the series in a fresh direction. The traditionally rage-fueled Kratos is now more relatable and dynamic than ever thanks to his interactions with Atreus, which results in the best story the series has ever seen. It’s not just Sony’s greatest exclusive, but also one of the greatest games of this console generation, period.

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