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New Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer – Details & Reactions!

It’ll Turn Your Frown Upside Down

Now THAT is a trailer! Fans have been patiently waiting for a full-length trailer detailing the upcoming season of “Stranger Things” ever since the teaser and title cards were released back in January and Netflix decided today was a good day to blow us away with ALL the sneak peaks and quick-cut spoilers we needed to hold us over. We’re going over all the details and internet reactions below but first, check out the insane new trailer!

As Netflix has made clear with this new trailer, it definitely won’t be an ordinary summer break in Hawkins. The trailer begins with a hilarious cold-open involving Eleven, Mike, Lucas, Max and Will surprising Dustin after his return home, which quickly turns to comedic chaos. From there, we get a deeper look at some of the events and relationships that will develop in the lead up to the fourth of July in Hawkins. The kids are struggling with the concept of growing up, while Will reminisces at the days in Mike’s basement, Eleven and Max jam out, Billy soaks up some sun and stares in a slow-mo lifeguard strut and sparks fly between Lucas and Max, as well as Eleven and Mike. We also get a few quick shots of Hopper consoling Joyce, Nancy and Jonathan looking suspicious and of course, the monsters we’ve come to expect, this time in the form of an armed man and a terrifying new Upside Down creature.

Stranger Things” season 3 will be released on July 4th, but until then, check out these behind-the-scenes pictures, freeze frames and reactions!

If you’re looking forward to the new season of “Stranger Things”, make sure you’re up to date with all the crazy fan theories we outlined in the video below!

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