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5 More Savage Fights On America’s Next Top Model

The Smizers vs. The Toochers

Over on MsMojo, we ranked our top 10 favorite “America’s Next Top Model” moments in which contestants lost their cool, but if you know anything about this dramatic competition, you’ll understand that we were spoiled for choice and this list deserves a continuation. So get ready, because if you thought Brittany vs Keenyah, Dionne vs Renee, Monique vs Everyone, Binta vs Courtney and the rest of our top 10 were savage, we were just getting started…check out 5 more!

The Girl Who Reminds Us Of Wars

Brittany Vs Natasha: Cycle 8

We’re not sure if this qualifies as a proper fight, considering it was pretty one-sided, but it’s definitely a huge freakout that deserves a mention. When Brittany didn’t make it back to the go-sees in time, she was convinced it was her cab driver’s fault and begins having a total meltdown, yelling loud enough for the client to hear. Natasha, in an attempt to put Brittany’s frustrations into perspective, calmly responded with, “There are people who have wars in their country.” It’s safe to say that doesn’t work and Brittany basically explodes.

The Girl Who Stands Up To Kelly

Louise Vs Kelly Cutrone: Cycle 18

During this “British Invasion” season of ANTM, publicist and judge Kelly Cutrone criticizes and lectures Louise during a photoshoot for running around on set. Things escalated rather quickly at panel when Nigel said Louise looked mean in her picture. This lead to a full-blown confrontation between Louise and Kelly, who called each other rude until Louise stormed off, demanding to leave the competition and shouting “If she was on the street I’d knock her out.”

The Girl Who Wants To Get Hit

Kristen Vs Destiny: Cycle 19

Kristen built up a bad reputation throughout her time on the show, so this moment is as on-brand as it gets. She decided to go through Destiny’s purse to find a lighter, without her permission, and this obviously upset Destiny. Rather than apologizing and moving on, Kristen begins to demand that Destiny hit her, going so far as to wish all the girls would hit her, so they’d be sent home. That’s about as ruthless as it gets on ANTM.

The Girl Who Isn’t Here To Make Friends

Jade Vs ???: Cycle 6

We’re still not sure who the victim of this fight is, because Jade basically starts taking shots at anyone she sees. First she demanded that Whitney get off the phone (even though she had FINALLY gotten in contact with her parents after Hurricane Katrina), then she rants and criticizes Furonda for absolutely no reason. The girls can’t help but laugh off this strange situation and it leads to Jade’s infamous quote, “This isn’t America’s Next Top Best Friend!”

The Girl Who Reminds Us To Keep Vegetables Refrigerated

Alasia Vs Anslee: Cycle 14

When Alasia keeps frozen veggies out to thaw overnight, Anslee tries to explain that they need to be kept refrigerated, but she says it in a super condescending way that makes Alasia seem like an uneducated little girl. Upset with Anslee’s tone of voice, Alasia questions Anslee’s parenting abilities and brings up her daughter. The scream match that happens next proves there are two things Anslee doesn’t tolerate: comments about her kid and improper food storage.

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Which “America’s Next Top Model” fight shocked you the most? Don’t forget to check out the video below for our pick of the most savage top 10!

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