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Top 5 Things We Need to See in Frozen 2

We Just Can’t Let It Go

It’s still hard to believe that the Frozen sequel is actually happening, not to mention practically around the corner by this point. The original flick still manages to resonate with audiences to this very day thanks to its brilliant animation, songs that never fail to drill their way into our heads, as well as themes of embracing one’s true self. Given how impressively obscure the sequel trailer is, you can bet we’re more than a little excited to see which direction Frozen 2 takes. Though we’re hoping it certainly manages to answer some of these lingering questions.

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#5: New Characters

Virtually every major player is returning for “Frozen 2,” along with several newcomers. While their roles remain undisclosed, Sterling K. Brown of “This Is Us” and Evan Rachel Wood of “Westworld” are purportedly in talks to lend their voices. The teaser trailer also gives us a brief look at two never-before-seen characters: a girl with hair similar to Anna’s and a boy who shares a resemblance to Kristoff. This has led some to believe that they might be Anna and Kristoff’s children. Another theory suggests that they’re younger versions of Anna and Elsa’s parents. It’s also been speculated that one of these two may be a love interest for Elsa. Whoever they are, we wouldn’t be surprised if one of them possesses wind/air powers.

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#4: Where Elsa & Anna’s Parents Were Heading

In the original film, it’s never revealed where Elsa and Anna’s parents were traveling when they perished at sea. Many of us like to believe that they were on their way to Rapunzel and Eugene’s wedding, but got shipwrecked on an island where they were killed by a leopard, leaving their newborn son to be raised by gorillas. While it’d be cool if Disney actually canonized this, it’s probably more likely that their voyage was connected to Elsa’s mysterious ice powers. “Once Upon a Time” did something similar through its “Frozen” story arc. If the King and Queen were off searching for answers, it’s possible that their daughters will pick up where they left off, hence why Elsa’s out to sea in the teaser.

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#3: An Explanation for the Floating Diamonds

In one of the most heavily analyzed shots from the teaser, Anna rushes outside to find numerous floating diamonds made of ice. These diamonds are also featured on the film’s poster, making up a snowflake. Taking a closer look, you’ll notice that the four diamonds each have a different symbol. It’s possible that these marks represent the elements water, earth, fire, and air, a la “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” Of course, it’s equally probable that they represent the four seasons of winter, spring, summer, and fall. That might explain why autumn leaves are everywhere in the “Frozen 2” teaser. Either way, this could mean Elsa’s powers were only the tip of the iceberg.

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#2: Will Elsa’s Love Life Be Explored?

Elsa stands out as one of the few Disney princesses who doesn’t have a love interest. It’d be refreshing if she remained single, demonstrating that not everybody needs to be in a relationship. At the same time, if Elsa finds somebody she really clicks with, her feelings deserve to be explored. The Internet seems especially keen on giving Elsa a girlfriend. Through shows like “Star vs. the Forces of Evil” and “Andi Mack,” Disney has made significant strides in their representation of gay characters. So, making Elsa the first openly LGBTQ+ Disney princess might be in the cards. 

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#1: Secrets Behind Elsa’s Ice Powers

Although “Frozen” ties up most of its loose ends, the film left us with one lingering mystery in particular: where did Elsa’s ice powers come from? Is her magic hereditary? If so, does Anna also have magic powers she’s yet to discover? If Elsa is the only one in her family with these unique gifts, could it mean she was actually adopted? Are there other people with ice or elemental powers? These questions have been plaguing us for almost six years and we won’t let them go until Disney gives us some answers! Granted, this information wasn’t really imperative to the first movie’s plot. If the filmmakers are going to expand upon this world, however, Elsa’s abilities need to be further explored in the sequel.

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