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Top 5 Best Pokémon Episodes

I Wanna Be The Very Best~

Decades worth of storylines, over a thousand episodes, and Ash still hasn’t managed to win a Pokemon Championship or reach age eleven. While it’s certainly easy to make fun of this anime for its many flaws, it’s worth nothing that Pokemon has also had quite a few highlights over the years. From the classic days of Kanto all the way to Kalos, these moments will easily remind you of why you fell in love this show in the first place!

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#5: Pokémon – I Choose You!

Fueled by Nintendo’s popular games, the anime began approximately a year later and quickly amassed a dedicated fan-base. Even though Pikachu could be caught in the already released JRPGs, the shows first episode cemented the electrifying creature as the franchise’s mascot. The only “Indigo League” chapter without an appearance from Team Rocket; the pilot episode perfectly established Ash’s rivalry with Gary, introduced Misty, and was the start of Ash and Pikachu’s unbreakable bond as the two fend off Spearow in an iconic moment.

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#4: A Riveting Rivalry!

“Pokémon’s” slogan may read “Gotta Catch ‘Em All,” but Ash’s ultimate goal is to win a Pokémon League. This episode sees the persistent trainer facing off against Sawyer in the Kalos League’s semi-finals, with the match culminating in an intense battle between Ash-Greninja and Mega Sceptile. After 19 seasons and five failures, finally, Ash manages to reach a Pokémon League final and the battle more than lives up to the hype! Boasting some of the series’ most fluid animation, “A Riveting Rivalry!” incorporates everything that is great about “Pokémon” and represents Ash’s peak as a trainer.

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#3: Gotta Catch Ya Later!

For an anime that tends to be rather lighthearted and inconsequential, “Pokémon’s” saddest episodes are downright depressing! “Gotta Catch Ya Later!” signaled an end of an era. Following more than 200 episodes, Misty and Brock are urgently requested to return home, causing the original gang to part ways for good. The gang’s break-up happens abruptly and with little to no build-up, but the episode still manages to hit all the right notes while providing the characters and fans with closure.

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#2: Pikachu’s Goodbye

Serving as Pokemon’s grand return to television following the controversial “Electric Soldier Porygon” episode, the series could not have asked for a more convincing comeback! Ash’s electrifying rodent stumbles across and develops a bond with a pack of wild Pikachus, which forces the trainer to question whether the pokémon might be better off among its own kind. Selflessly choosing to prioritize Pikachu’s happiness, Ash tearfully pushes the pokémon away, although their goodbye does not last for long. Plus, this is an episode with dozens of adorable Pikachus! So much cuteness could melt the coldest of hearts!

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#1: Can’t Beat the Heat!

Over the years, Ash and Gary have had a number of matches, but none compare to when their rivalry reached it’s climax at the Johto League Silver Conference! The two battle with stacked teams that would even give the Elite 4 a run for their money. With both trainers on their final pokémon, the battle boiled down to Gary’s Blastoise and Ash’s Charizard, a match-up that hardly favored the fire-breathing dragon. Thanks to Charizard’s unbelievable physical prowess and some quick thinking by Ash, the protagonist finally scores a victory and with it finally earns Gary’s respect.

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