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Top 5 Darkest Movie Theories

You Will Fear the Mouse House!

What is it about movies that invite so many dark, disturbing and crazy fan-theories? No matter the genre, there always seems enough room left for conspiracies to run rampant. Either way, there’s no shortage of creepy content online regarding the classics, with these five in-particular guaranteed to make you think twice about your favorite flicks!

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#5: Bruce Wayne Died in the Nuclear Explosion
“The Dark Knight Rises” (2012)

Many fans had issues with “The Dark Knight Rises,” including the overly-dramatic ending which sees Batman hauling a nuclear bomb out of Gotham. While many rightfully assume that Batman is dead, having sacrificed himself for Gotham, Alfred later spots the very-much-alive Bruce and Selina while vacationing in Italy. Now what are the odds of that? Some people believe it was simply a figment of Alfred’s imagination. Bruce really did die in the nuclear explosion, and the grieving Alfred traveled to Florence to alleviate his sorrow. He then wills himself to imagine the happy couple and finally lets go of his grief, happy at the thought of Bruce’s contentment.

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#4: Ferris Bueller is a Figment of Cameron’s Imagination
“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” (1986)

Speaking of imagination, there’s a widely-held belief that the events of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” take place entirely inside the head of the bed-ridden Cameron.This is also known as the “Fight Club” Theory due to its similarities with that movie’s plot. It posits that Ferris is a symbolic representation of Cameron’s wish to be more confident and daring. While laying in bed, he imagines his confident alter-ego joyriding in a fancy car, cozying up to his sexy girlfriend, and just generally enjoying a carefree existence. It could also be a meditative method Cameron uses to assert more control over his life, symbolized by the destruction of his controlling father’s car.

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#3: Edna Purposefully Gave Syndrome a Cape
“The Incredibles” (2004)

Was Edna scheming all along? She makes it painfully clear that she does not give superheroes capes, as previous superheroes have struggled and died due to them. Yet Syndrome’s superhero outfit comes equipped with one. Yes, it’s entirely possible that Syndrome designed and created the suit himself; but did he go to Edna for help knowing that she was the go-to creator of top-of-the-line superhero suits, and could therefore make a better suit than he ever could? And did Edna outfit his suit with a cape, knowing that it would hinder his plans? Perhaps she even hoped for it to get caught in a jet turbine, just as Stratogale’s was.

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#2: Totoro Is the God of Death
“My Neighbor Totoro” (1988)

This Miyazaki masterpiece is about two girls who move into an old house after their mother becomes ill, and then befriend a forest entity they name Totoro. But who, or what, is this creature? Could it be . . . the God of Death? According to legend, only people who have died or are close to death can see the God of Death. And near the movie’s beginning, the girls see soot sprites, rumored to represent impending death in Japanese folklore. As the theory goes, Mei actually drowns in the pond and Satsuki commits suicide out of grief. They then posthumously visit their dying mother with the help of Totoro, and she feels their presence. Shudder.

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#1: Childs Is Actually the Thing
“The Thing” (1982)

After blowing up the station and defeating The Thing, MacReady and Childs share a bottle of scotch as they freeze to death. It’s most definitely a depressing ending, but it could be made even worse if Childs actually is The Thing. Fans of this one of many dark “The Thing” theories point to numerous supposed pieces of evidence, like the fact that Childs is wearing a different coat. Others point to Childs’ lack of visible breath. Finally, and perhaps most popular, is the concept that the bottle is actually filled with gasoline and MacReady was testing Childs, who inadvertently proved that he wasn’t human, resulting in MacReady’s demoralized chuckle after Childs takes a drink.

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