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20 Million Subscribers?!? Send Us YOUR Videos!

It’s Time For Us To Watch Your Videos Now

Hey guys! Guess what?! We’re about to hit a huge milestone over on our youtube channel, 20 million subscribers!!! This is a big deal for us, so we’ve got something pretty amazing planned, but we need YOUR help to make the celebration complete. How can you help? By sending in a video sharing your WatchMojo story! Keep reading for all the details below, but first, a happy dance is in order.

Okay back to the videos. Here are the details for sending in a video:

What To Include

The videos should be about how you came to like WatchMojo videos. Do you have any interesting, funny or memorable stories? What do you like about WatchMojo and what has kept you around as a member of our virtual community? BE KIND AND BE YOURSELF!

How To Send It

Record a video – on your phone, your fancy DSLR, your computer, your mom’s old camcorder –

The options are endless! Then:

-Upload that to YouTube (it can be public or unlisted, it’s up to you)

-Send a link to that video to 

-That’s it!

We can’t wait to see all of your unique WatchMojo stories; keep checking in to on YouTube to see what we do with them and a huge thanks to all of you for making this happen! 💙

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