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Top 5 Most Paranormal Places in the World


The world is full of countless wonders just waiting to be explored. Some tourist spots claim to have the greatest scenery, others are rich with culture and history, while a few have been known to entertain spirits and other supernatural activity. If you’re hungry to get in contact with the unknown and the unnerving, these five locations might be your best bet. Happy hunting.

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#5: Corvin Castle, Romania

Don’t be fooled by this castle’s picturesque exterior, it’s considered to be among the most haunted places in the entire world. Located in the historical region of Transylvania (yes that one), Corvin Castle once played host to Vlad the Impaler, aka the bloodthirsty 15th century ruler who partially inspired one of the greatest horror villains of all time: Count Dracula. Also called Hunyadi or Hunedoara Castle, it’s been the site of numerous ghost sightings over the years and countless films and TV shows have shot there due to its Gothic look. Regardless of whether the stories are true, we would rather take our chances sleeping outside than spend the night in this castle of horrors!

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#4: Bhangarh Fort, India

Bhangarh Fort is widely considered to be the most haunted place in all of India. Once upon a time, the area surrounding the fort was a thriving town, complete with temples, bazaars and even a royal palace. But legend has it that one day a wizard fell in love with the fort’s princess and attempted to win her affections by presenting her with a secret love potion. Suspicious, she cast him aside and destroyed the potion, killing him in the process. Before he died, he cursed the princess and Bhangarh Fort. Shortly after it was sacked, it was never to be inhabited again. The curse was never lifted, and Bhangarh Fort remains one of the creepiest abandoned forts on earth.

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#3: Poveglia, Italy

In a lagoon not far from Venice lies the island of Poveglia, one of Italy’s most paranormal locations. It served as a quarantine zone for people suffering from the plague for almost 100 years and in 1922 was converted into a mental asylum. Some claim that the patients were used for human experimentation and torture. Today, the island is abandoned, but because of its checkered past it remains a hot spot for paranormal investigators searching for proof of an afterlife. It’s off limits to tourists, but the morbidly curious have been known to visit anyways. Finding someone to ferry them there is difficult however, as many of the locals are scared to death of the Island.

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#2: Château de Brissac, France

This 11th century castle has a rich and storied history. And like all good ghost stories, there’s a little blood involved. The most popular tale involves La Dame Verte, or Green Lady. The supposed illegitimate child of a French king, the Green Lady was murdered in the castle by her husband when he discovered her infidelity. Today she roams the halls of the chateau moaning and scaring the occasional guest. Still wearing her green dress, La Dame Verte is said to no longer have eyes or a nose, just three dark holes. Today, the castle remains open for tours and, if you’re feeling bold, overnight stays.

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#1: Ancient Ram Inn, England

Built more than 870 years ago, the Ancient Ram Inn lies in the English district of Gloucestershire and is said to be the home of many evil ghosts and spirits. Some people claim the Inn gets this dark energy from the Ley Lines it resides upon, which can be traced all the way to Stonehenge and are said to contain high spiritual energy. Others postulate during construction of the Inn, a portal was opened that unleashed a bevy of evil spirits. The focus of many a paranormal program, the Ancient Ram Inn is diverse in its hauntings, supposedly home to various apparitions, including a centurion and a monk. 

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