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Top 5 Craziest Things To Happen in “Grand Theft Auto Online

Los Santos is Insane…

While nobody can dispute that Grand Theft Auto V is an incredible landmark in modern gaming, it can’t be argued that the main campaign has been completely overshadowed by it’s online feature, wherein the players have managed to both create wonders and cause untold anarchy. Out of all the mad stunts people have pulled over the years, these five still take our breath away.

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#5: 100 Snowballs

Quick question: can 100 snowballs blow up a car? Well, we lost count after 10 or so, but the answer sure seems to be a resounding “Yes!” as seen here on the GTAmissions YouTube Channel. That sports car was no match for the (clearly) superior Los Santos snow. But, how about a tank? Well, unfortunately, no… not even that dense Los Santos snow is strong enough to blow up a tank with 100 snowballs as our friends over at GTAmissions demonstrate. There’s a lesson to be learned in all this: when playing online, save your money and buy the tank because obviously these GTA sports cars are not made to last.

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#4: Cheater vs. Cheater

This story feels like an Internet myth, but it’s very real. According to Kotaku; A long-time GTA 5 player started a new game online and just happened to enter a server where a hacker was cheating and getting other gamers banned by shooting bags of money at them. As you can probably guess, the long-time GTA player had money forced on him by the cheater, was flagged by Rockstar and sent to the Bad Sport Lobby as a result. What did he do? He, in turn, hired a hacker to help get him out of the Bad Sport Lobby of course … and incredibly it worked, proving that two wrongs make a right. No, wait. That’s not right!

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#3: 999 Emergency

This is one of those moments when gamers go too far, as quote/unquote “confused player” David Helens (we’ll let you decide) called the British Emergency Services (the equivalent of 911) claiming that there’d been a shooting at his house. What he failed to leave out, however, was that it was his house in “GTA Online.” Claiming that his friend was shot and bleeding badly, two ambulances arrived at the gamer’s real house and that’s where the law got involved, forcing the young dumbass to perform 12 months of community service.

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#2: Selfie Man

Talk about being dedicated to a video game! YouTube user jonan777 took selfies of his character in and around the Los Santos area and then followed this up by taking real-life pictures of himself in the exact same California-inspired locales. Is this an example of Life Imitates Art or Art Imitates Life? We can’t decide. Whichever it is, one thing’s for sure: it’s absolutely amazing! Also, on the plus side, he’s sure to have burned quite a few calories in the process, strolling around the LA area rather than sitting on the couch playing games all day.

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#1: Family Karma

Another unbelievable “GTA Online” inspired story ripped straight from the headlines in England saw police called to a man’s house when his brother turned up with a baseball bat, threatening to harm the homeowner and his family. Why the homicidal rage between these two unidentified brothers? Well, the younger brother had killed the older brother’s online character, sending him into a bit of a tizzy. The enraged older brother actually drove 50 miles just to threaten his younger brother, making us wonder if this family is somehow related to the Phillips family – particularly, Trevor.

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