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Top 5 A Star Is Born (2018) Moments

You’ll Go GaGa Over It!

Considering it’s very likely to be nominated for a whole slew of categories at the upcoming Academy Awards, we’d say that Bradley Cooper’s take on the classic feature flick has made a resounding splash with critics and audiences alike. If you’re still wondering what the fuss is all about, these are the moments that cemented this modern re-imagining as one of the best movie-going experiences of last year.

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#5: Can I Tell You a Secret?

Although Ally blossoms into a singing sensation, her music career and relationship with Jackson stem from humble roots that are planted in this scene. Bonding outside a grocery store at night, Ally gives Jackson a small taste of her musical gifts. The lyrics she strings together on the spot sum up Jackson, a man who appears confident on stage but feels empty behind the scenes. As Ally continues to piece the song together, her passion shines through, as if the shimmering star inside of her is finally being awakened. In this moment, Jackson becomes more determined than ever to bring Ally out of her shell, knowing that her songwriting talents can’t merely be confined to a parking lot. 

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#4: The Wedding

Where some celebrities make a spectacle out of their nuptials, Jackson and Ally’s wedding couldn’t be more casual, which is exactly what makes this sequence so romantic. While visiting Noodles and his family, Jackson is suddenly overcome with the desire to marry Ally, popping the question with a guitar string ring. Ally quickly gets swept up in this impulsive moment, accepting the proposal without giving it a second thought. In a heartbeat, the couple goes from being engaged to being husband and wife. Their wedding is accompanied by a duet that just as easily could’ve been their marriage vows. Many people go through life uncertain what exactly love is, but when you find a kindred spirit, love becomes a bit less difficult to define. 

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#3: Take Another Look at You

One of the most crucial moments in every version of “A Star Is Born” finds the male character asking the female lead if he can take another look at her. This line carries the most weight in Bradley Cooper’s film, however. Insecure about her appearance, Ally has been told time after time that she’ll never make it as a musician due to her nose. Throughout their first night together, Jackson comes to see just how beautiful she truly is, giving Ally a confidence boost while dropping her off. As charming as this scene is, it foreshadows a devastating moment later in the film when Jackson takes another look at Allie. Little does Ally realize that this is the last time he’ll ever look at her.

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#2: “I’ll Never Love Again”

After Jackson tragically cuts his own life short, Ally closes out the film with the definition of a showstopper. Ally immortalizes her late husband’s memory by not only taking his last name, but also singing a love song he never had a chance to perform in public. Jackson wrote the song while thinking of Ally, who in turn sings it for the only man she’ll ever love. Simultaneously, this song captures both the affection these two felt for each other and the heartbreak of their romance being cut short. Lady Gaga is nothing short of a revelation in this scene, juggling the pain and vulnerability of losing a partner with the resilience required to carry on as a solo act.

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#1: “Shallow”

Jackson is resolute on sharing the song Ally wrote in the parking lot with the rest of the world, even if she has her doubts. Despite Ally’s initial hesitation, it isn’t long until she joins Jackson on stage, singing this Golden Globe-winning number. Swimming out of shallow waters, Ally dives in and goes for her dreams like never before. As Ally falls into the embrace of superstardom, she also falls deeper in love with Jackson. This duet flawlessly embodies why Jackson and Ally complete each other, as if both had been adrift at sea before crossing paths. Their lives will never be the same from this moment on, as they’re far from the shallow now. 

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