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Top 5 Worst Things Goku Has Done

Not So Super Saiyan

We all love Son Goku. After all, he’s the face of arguably the most popular and most successful shounen anime on the planet, and is still managing to make waves in pop culture even to this day. That being said, he’s certainly not without some major flaws, both in and outside the battlefield.

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#5: Inappropriate Behaviour

Given the fact he was an alien kid who really doesn’t seem to have an interest in the female anatomy, one could somewhat forgive Goku’s seemingly lewd actions through the early days of Dragon Ball as innocent curiosity. That being said, trying to feel up Bulma crotch because he’s so curious about their lack of male genitalia is still awkward as hell to watch. It’s not like he’s fully matured in his adulthood either, evidenced from when he accidentally dropped in on Bulma naked…

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#4: Blowing Up King Kai’s Planet

Goku’s choice to sacrifice himself to save the Earth from Cell’s explosion is one of his most heroic and heartfelt moments. The look he shares with Gohan. That knowing smile. We’d wager more than a few fans cried at this selfless display. Which begs the question of why he decided to teleport all the way over to King Kai’s planet and take him along for the ride. The depths of space? An asteroid? An uninhabited planet? The Hyberbolic Time Chamber? Anything more than the home of a God. Just to rub salt in the wound, he’s failed to revive King Kai later down the line like he promised. . 

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#3: Abandoning His Family

He may love them to pieces but he sure doesn’t think twice about skipping town on them. Where do we start with this one? The fact he could have used Instant Transmission to get himself back to Earth right after learning it instead of taking the long way back. Asking to NOT be brought back to life after Cell was defeated. Missing the birth and early years of his second child. Not to mention that time he decided to go off and train Uub just after Kid Buu was defeated. Starting to think Goku has commitment issues. 

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#2: Setting Up The Tournament of Power

Yes, in doing so he may have ended up inadvertently saving all universes from being erased by the Omni-King, subsequently granting all life in the multiverse a second chance at happiness. However, there is no way Goku would have had the foresight for this; all he wanted was to fight strong opponents from other universes no matter the risk. Despite constant warnings from Beerus, he started a domino effect that could have ended literally everything. Luckily for him Android 17 knows how to camp out on a battlefield. 

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#1: Giving Cell a Senzu Bean

Bad enough that he would send his own son to fight the ultimate android, but the real kicker here is that he practically sentenced Gohan to death by deciding to give Cell an all-healing bean. While Super Saiyan 2 managed to put an end to Cell’s evil once and for all, it was only due to Android 16’s timely intervention and death acting as the trigger. If that hadn’t happened, Cell and his Juniors would have slaughtered everybody easily. Not your finest moment there Goku.

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