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Top 5 Breaking Bad Characters

Broken, Bad and Brilliant

As one of the most binge-worthy and impactful television series of the modern age, Breaking Bad was a runaway phenomenon that told a story of drugs, death and one man’s determination. It’s no wonder that it managed to earn itself a successful spin-off as well as an upcoming film. All we can hope for is the reappearance of some of these iconic characters somewhere down the line!

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#5: Hank Schrader

Hank started as a macho, wise-cracking, DEA agent meant to serve as an antithesis to Walter’s mild-mannered chemistry teacher. However, by season five he had developed into one of the show’s most emotionally complex characters. Having survived numerous horrors, from a close call with Tuco to a bloody shootout with his vengeful cousins, Hank had to overcome everything from PTSD to a major physical disability. These hardships ultimately made him stronger and helped him solve the greatest mystery of his career: who is Heisenberg? In the end Hank went out the only way he knew how, with a defiant, badass one liner!

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#4: Saul Goodman

You know you’ve written a truly fantastic character when they get their own spin-off show. Making his first appearance in season two, Saul Goodman quickly became a fan favorite thanks to his sleazy-yet-effective business tactics, surprising knowledge of the criminal justice system and a collection of hilarious one-liners. Like Badger he provided “Breaking Bad” with some much-needed comic relief and was able to make viewers laugh even when his clients were in seemingly hopeless legal situations. He may be a second-rate attorney, but he’s exactly the kind of person you want in your legal corner when the going gets rough.

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#3: Mike Ehrmantraut

Jack-of-all-trades Mike Ehrmantraut subscribes to one simple rule: no half measures. Throughout “Breaking Bad” he always manages to see things through to the end, no matter the cost. At the same time, he’s also a complex character whose hard exterior hides the heart of a dedicated family man. His work as a fixer for Saul Goodman and Gustavo Fring eventually brings him into contact with Walt and Jesse, but unlike those two, with their tendencies to let emotions dictate their actions, Mike somehow always manages to remain calm under pressure. Can he be a little surly? Sure. Is he effective? Damn right.

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#2: Jesse Pinkman

Where would “Breaking Bad” be without Jesse Pinkman? The small-time crook and drug addict is the salt to Walter White’s pepper. In the early seasons he existed to show Walt the ropes to the meth game while serving as the perfect narrative contrast to the cancer-stricken teacher. However, as the show advanced, we learnt that Jesse was much more than just Walt’s bumbling sidekick, and it’s the bond that develops between them that serves as the show’s emotional core. Jesse is arguably “Breaking Bad”’s most tragic character, a man whose touch may as well be a death sentence. And yet, we can’t help but love him. And to think, creator Vince Gilligan considered killing him off in season one! 

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#1: Walter White

Characters like Walter White don’t come along often. The chemistry teacher turned drug kingpin captivated audiences with his ever-increasing megalomania, as he used his superior method of producing meth to dominate the drug world. Along the way he burned more bridges than we can count and betrayed, duped, or straight up killed anyone who got in his way. Walter is not an inherently evil character, but one who commits evil deeds to do what he thinks is right. Often this put him at odds with his family and partners, but to be frank, he eventually stopped caring, until it was too late. At the center of so many iconic moments, Walter White was the obvious choice for the number one spot on our list!

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