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Top 5 Reasons Ned Flanders Should Move Away From Homer Simpson

Hi Diddly D’OH!

While Homer is often the one going on and on about how much his life sucks due to the ever-looming shadow that is his neighbour Ned Flanders, we’d say it was the other way round. After all the crap that the Simpson patriarch has put him through over the years, it begs the question why Ned hasn’t packed up and moved already!

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#5: That Time Homer Took Him to Vegas and They Married Waitresses
“Viva Ned Flanders”

Turns out Flanders is 60 . . . or at least he was in 1999. When Homer outs him for getting a senior’s discount, Ned realizes he hasn’t really done much living. This leads to a rare terrible idea from Ned – going to Homer for help. Under Homer J’s tutelage, the pair wind up in Vegas and Flanders is peer pressured into gambling and slamming back wine spritzers. Worse still, somewhere along the way Ned – like Homer – ties the knot with a cocktail waitress. It’s unlikely he did the de-diddily-eed, but thanks to Homer, Ned put his entire family-life in jeopardy.

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#4: The Time When Homer Happily Watched the Leftorium Fail
“When Flanders Failed”

Sure, the idea of opening a brick-and-mortar store catering exclusively to the left-handed in a pre-dot-com world was a lofty one. It’s such a niche idea, in fact, it would likely tank all on its own, without Homer wishing for Ned’s failure . . . which is exactly what happens. While Homer doesn’t actively sabotage Ned’s business venture, he does watch gleefully, and it’s only when he sees Flanders on the verge of homelessness that he does the decent thing and sends his neighbor some much needed clientele. Hey, at least it’s not like Homer ever wished Flanders was dead or anything. Oh wait . . . 

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#3: The Time Homer Kicked Him Out of His Own Bomb Shelter
“Bart’s Comet”

As well as being a devoted family man, God-fearing Christian, and all around good citizen, Flanders is a man who prepares. Out of all everyone in Springfield, it stands to reason that the only person to think ahead enough to have a bomb shelter is Ned. But, of course, all that’s Ned’s is Homer’s, and he – along with the rest of the town – cram in, while Flanders is shuffled out. It isn’t just the lack of space that puts Ned out, though, it’s also Homer’s oddly sound logic. We will give Homer some credit though for changing his mind at the eleventh hour – even if it just means deciding to die with Ned.

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#2: Everybody Hates Ned Flanders
“Dude, Where’s My Ranch?”

Carrie Fisher once said “if you can get Paul Simon to write a song about you, do it, because he’s so brilliant at it.” Unfortunately, Homer Simpson is no Paul Simon, and David Byrne’s contributions don’t help. The lyrics of Homer’s hit hate song about his neighbor aren’t subtle, and there are some deep, mean-spirited cuts. Like calling Flanders’ sons “creepy”, or referencing the fact that their mother is dead – especially distasteful coming from Homer. Then there’s the line “I’d like to see his house go up in flames” – in spite of the fact that Flanders was first on the scene when that very thing happened to Homer.

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1: The Fact That Homer Inadvertently Caused Maude’s Death
“Alone Again, Natura-Diddily”

Throughout the ’90s Homer became less and less a bumbling but good-natured oaf and more of an aggressively dimwitted agent of harm and chaos. This change of character is perhaps best exemplified by Homer’s role in the accident that killed Maude. Due to his single-minded obsession with free hand-outs, and limited attention span, Maude is pelted with a barge of T-shirts intended for Homer and falls to her death. Although he’s not unaffected by it, Homer’s relative ease in moving on from the tragedy, especially given his involvement, would be unthinkable a few seasons prior. The whole event is the best reason of all that Ned should move far, far away.

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