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Top 5 Anime of 2018

You Will Believe A Devil Can Make You Cry

Defying genres and re-imagining classic narratives, this year has been nothing short of a tour de force when it comes to the anime scene. While there have been numerous titles that have gripped fan’s hearts, from SSSS.Gridman all the way to the Banana Fish, these five nearly broke the community with their awesomeness!

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#5: “Violet Evergarden” (2018)

Overflowing with beautiful animation and held together by a narrative that is bound to have you in tears, Violet’s journey from soulless soldier all the way to heartfelt ghost-writer is one that should be seen by all. Following her fallen commander’s parting words, Violet finds herself employed as an Auto Memory Doll; wandering around the country and writing letters for those wanting to express what lies in their hearts. Throughout these encounters, not only does Violet slowly start to learn what it means to be human, but also the true nature of what her commander meant when he said “I Love You”. 

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#4: “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind” (2018)

Ah, JoJo; it’s like you never left. Unlike his stylish forebears, this new generation Joestar has a dream of becoming Italy’s number one Gang-Star – All you need to do is send him your credit card number and the three digits on the back. Say hello to Giorno; son of Dio and all around badass. Not only has Part 5 given us all the crazy Stand battles we could want, but thanks to the mafia element, we’re given a cast of lovable yet morally grey characters unlike any we’ve seen in the franchise. 
If that’s not enough to convince you, then this scene definitely will. Take it away, lads. 

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#3: “My Hero Academia” Season Three (2018)

How does this show keep getting better? Three years in a row and Deku and company continue to redefine and champion the superhero genre, complete with all manner of epic Quirk-filled fights. Needless to say, not only was this season the most explosive given the clashes with the League of Villains, but also displayed just how much further Class 1-A has come on the road towards becoming Pro-Heroes. Every student gets a chance to show their growth, especially in regard to Bakugo, and lest we forget this was also the series that gave us the showdown with All Might vs All for One. We can’t wait for season four.

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#2: “Attack on Titan” Season Three (2018)

If you thought the Season Two had raised the stakes, then you ain’t seen nothing yet. Following Eren’s reveal as the Coordinate, the entirety of the Survey Corp find themselves hunted by the upper echelons of humanity, as their mysterious link regarding the Titans and the Walls comes to light. For those who want bloody action, you’ve got it in spades. For those intrigued by the detective aspect introduced in the previous series, it’s here in abundance. And for those who just want to watch Levi kick a little booty…well that’s here too. Special mention to Historia for somehow managing to steal the entire show in the space of a single episode!

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#1: “Devilman Crybaby” (2018)

Unforgiving, haunting and drenched in every taboo theme imaginable, Go Nagai’s classic property found itself given new life via Masaaki Yuasa, and as a result captivated a whole new generation with its portrayal of human depravity. After being turned into a demon hybrid, Akira struggles to balance his dark urges, while trying to save his loved ones from the invading forces of hell, all the while humanity slowly starts to lose themselves and slip into savagery. Don’t get us wrong, you’ll feel part of your soul die after watching it, but we couldn’t be more thankful for the experience… It’s one of those shows that might just change you.

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