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Top 5 Sexiest Video Game Characters of 2018

They’re Here To Kick Ass and Steal Hearts!

With another year coming to a close, it’s once again time to look back on the gaming scene and invoke a longtime tradition – which virtual guys and gals had us blushing the most? There were certainly some sexy contenders this year, with many classic icons proving their still knew how to flaunt it! 

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#5: Samus Aran
“Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” (2018)

A little confession before we begin: we’ve been in love with Samus from the moment she stepped out of her Power Suit and rocked the final moments of “Metroid” in a bikini. She’s back in “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” and once again she’s blowing us away when she steps outside her big, bulky suit – this time for the light blue, curve-hugging Zero Suit. Seriously… how does she breathe in that thing?! Well, one thing’s for sure: she’s taken our breath away yet again and we can’t wait to do some damage with her in the newest “Smash” game. 

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#4: Connor
“Detroit: Become Human” (2018)

There’s no denying that Connor is a hunk… The fact that he’s an android does little to detract from this. Considering he looks just like Bryan Dechart, the actor who voiced and performed the motion capture for Connor, it makes sense. The dark features, the masculine jawline, the fit body, the perfect hair… it doesn’t surprise us that he is an android because he’s so perfect.  

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#3: John Marston
“Red Dead Redemption 2” (2018)

This year we got a look at John Marston a few years before his adventures in the first “Red Dead Redemption” game and… hot damn… he’s one handsome fella! Not to say he wasn’t dreamy in the first game, but youth does work in his favor here, as his sexy stare is almost as dangerous as that pistol he’s packing. Sure, he gets scarred up pretty early in the newest “Red Dead” but, honestly, it works for him… It adds a sense of danger and heightened mystery to this bad boy of the Wild West. 

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#2: Ashe
“Overwatch” (2016)

One of the latest additions to “Overwatch,” Ashe – like John Marston – brings sexy back to the Wild West in her oversized cowboy hat, leather-based ensemble and modified semi-automatic rifle. Also, her eyes are as red as her lips, and she comes packing lots of dynamite, so we know she’s not to be trifled with. But, under this intimidating exterior, she’s a stunner what with her bleach-blonde hair, super-cute face and rocking body. We’d be quite content losing in a quick draw to Ashe if she was the final face we ever saw. 

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#1: Alexios & Kassandra
“Assassin’s Creed Odyssey” (2018)

This half brother/sister combo from Ubisoft’s latest open world game is one heck of a good-looking family. Alexios with his dark, fit features looks like a cross between a modern-day movie star and a Greek God, while Kassandra gives off the same vibes only she’d be a Goddess. Like the other entries on this list, however, there’s a lot more to these two than merely some sexy legs and chiseled pecks…they’re both deeply involved in one of history’s greatest wars and neither one is waiting for an army to do their dirty work for them. They’re badass fighting machines and the only thing sexier than their looks is their ferocious, fearless attitudes. 

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