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Top 5 Blatant Super Smash Bros Copycat Games

Don’t Expect To See Mario Show Up Here…

With the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it’s once again become clear why Nintendo’s iconic crossover series has managed to garner such a large following. Of course, with success comes copycats. While we aren’t saying these games are bad, it’s still obvious what property “inspired” them. 

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#5: “Indie Pogo” (2018)

If you’re the type of “Smash Bros” player that tends towards aerial attacks, then “Indie Pogo” might be right up your alley. Players are forced to constantly think about their positioning as you can get spiked or sent flying at any given moment. Of course, we can’t forget about the cast of characters. “Indie Pogo” stars some of the most iconic characters in indie video games like Shovel Knight, Octodad, Commander Video, and Lilac from “Freedom Planet”. Yes, it’s clearly doing its own take on the “Smash Bros” formula and does it well, but it’s similar enough to deserve a spot on this list. 

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#4: “Brawlhalla” (2017)

Developed by Blue Mammoth Games, “Brawlhalla” has succeeded in finding its own competitive scene, but the“Smash Bros.” comparisons are still inevitable. While the game does have a sizeable roster, the appearance of each character is where the diversity stops. You’ll often find movesets to be far too similar to that of another character, which could turn off those looking for unique playstyles. On a more positive note, the stages are well-designed and the items aren’t generally unbalanced enough to frustrate anyone. Unfortunately, with the announcement of Rayman’s debut in “Brawlhalla”, it looks like our hopes of having him in “Smash” are dashed. 

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#3: “Rivals of Aether” (2015)

And here we have yet ANOTHER indie game trying to go toe-to-toe with “Smash Bros”! “Rivals of Aether” is one of the few “Smash-like” games that actually manages to stand on its own two feet. Not only does it boast excellent character animations and exciting action, but the game also manages to shake up the formula by adding in elemental abilities. These attacks can affect the stage’s layout as well as a status effect on your opponent. Our complaint with the game is the relatively small roster of fourteen characters, six of which are DLC. But if roster size doesn’t bug you too much, you might really enjoy “Rivals of Aether”. 

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#2: “Brawlout” (2018)

Watch out Nintendo, it seems as if the indies as gunning for you. To its credit, there is some appeal to “BrawlOut” that makes it worth checking out. The game features an original cast as well as a few guest fighters such as Juan from “Guacamelee” and Yooka & Laylee from “Yooka-Laylee”. Unfortunately, the uninspired stages and modest roster of twenty-four fighters is where it falls short. It also doesn’t help that unlocking stuff feels like it takes an eternity! Just like every other game on this list however, it can briefly fill the void in our life between “Smash Bros” instalment. 

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#1: “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale” (2012)

When it comes to “Smash Bros” carbon copies, “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale” almost always comes up. There’s plenty of reasons it’s been called “Smash Bros for PlayStation. For starters, you have an all-star roster of PlayStation icons in addition to a few third-party characters. Then, there’s the actual gameplay and stage layouts, both if which are very reminiscent. To its credit, the game did try to distinguish itself by focusing on building meters to score KO’s rather than having players knock each other off the stages. Sadly, this concept was off-putting for some players, and it was frustrating that patches barely changed the unbalanced gameplay. Please, don’t pick Kratos!  

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