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Top 5 Most Insane Boss Battles from Bayonetta!

Don’t Mess With a Witch

With a combination of sass, sexiness and a serious amount of firepower, Bayonetta has made her mark as a modern gaming icon who isn’t afraid to play dirty when it comes to battling the forces of heaven and hell. With her third entry on the horizon, what better time to look back at some of her craziest confrontations! 

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#5: Jeanne (Last Encounter)
“Bayonetta” (2009)

Jeanne has taunted the amnesiac Bayonetta multiple times throughout the story, proving to be more powerful than her on multiple occasions, but now Bayonetta has regained most of her knowledge and power, making this last fight on more equal grounds. The battle against her is quite epic, as both witches display their full powers -matching demons, blows, and bullets. As missiles rain down upon the city, the two take the duel all over the place – to the sides of skyscrapers, and even on missiles! With the city catching fire below, these two pay little mind to the sheer destruction this battle creates. 

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#4: Glamor (Ch. 3)
“Bayonetta 2” (2014)

This breed of Angel shows up multiple times in Bayonetta 2, but it is the boss battle in Chapter 3 that shines brightest. Bayonetta once again puts her surfing skills to the test -seriously, where did she learn how to do this?- this time, riding outside and inside a giant water spout to chase after this angel. While most of this section involves dodging debris, it is still nonetheless impressive, leading into the 2nd phase, fighting against multiple Glamors on the way to the Gates of Paradise. This’ll probably be the only time Bayonetta gets this close to Heaven, though, after that Climax, we doubt she’ll be invited in. 

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#3: Aesir
“Bayonetta 2” (2014)

Another finale, another god to fight; this time as the embodiment of chaos, Loptr has become complete, able to bend time and space to his will. Moving through several phases, the fight sees light and dark join forces to take him down, fighting between dimensions. Bending space to his command, Aesir summons lasers, missiles, and even space stations to thwart Bayonetta, but to no avail. Of course, you’ll to have some pretty epic moments with Bayonetta too – from pole dancing on a satellite to kicking the god’s soul out of his body. Hey, Bayonetta always has to go out with a big bang, right? 

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#2: Masked Lumen
“Bayonetta 2” (2014)

Heavily teased during the trailers, the Masked Lumen Sage proves to be one of the biggest and best fights not only in the sequel but in the entire series. While each encounter proves a challenging endeavor, it’s the first encounter that proves to be the most memorable. With the two possessing similar powers, the fight will have the both of you practically dancing around one another while exchanging blows. The fight escalates rapidly, moving from the town, to an eruption kaiju-like battle in the background, and ending with you gaining control over Madama Butterfly herself, to take on an angel in fisticuffs.   

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#1: Jubileus the Creator
“Bayonetta” (2009)

After facing off against an onslaught of angels, running half-way across the world, riding a missile to the holy city, and fighting Balder, Bayonetta must now go up against the biggest enemy of all: an actual god. Jubileus the Creator, goddess of Paradiso, is brought back to life, and let’s just say Bayonetta is not the religious type. The fight takes place far back in the solar system, on a grand scale. While Jubileus may not be as physically involved, it is the sheer scope of the fight and fact that you are battling a goddess that sets the tone and makes for such a fantastic finale. 

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