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Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Aquaman Movie

Under the Sea~

It’s still hard to believe that the superhero once thought of as the biggest joke within the DC Universe has not only landed himself his own live-action flick, but has also been given the most badass of redesigns. Thanks to Jason Momoa’s effortlessly charming personality combined with James Wan’s directing, it looks like Aquaman has managed to secure itself alongside Wonder Woman as one of the DCEU’s bright spots. For those of you who haven’t flocked to see it in theatres yet, these little tid-bits of trivia might just manage to whet your appetites for the King of Atlantis’ solo debut.  

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Are you not entertained?! 

#5: Wan and Wilson’s Fifth Team-Up

Since we’re already talking about Patrick Wilson, let’s discuss his history with director James Wan. The pair teamed up for the first time with the commercially successful horror hit “Insidious.” They proceeded to work together on the sequel and two “Conjuring” films. Over time, Wilson became so confident in the director’s abilities that he signed up for “Aquaman” without reading the script because Wan was directing it. If their track record together doesn’t get you excited, consider this: the director of the action-packed “Furious 7” is working with Nite Owl from “Watchmen” on a superhero film. Their fifth collaboration might be the charm for DC.  

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#4: Nicole Kidman Was Always a Frontrunner

Nicole Kidman isn’t the first Oscar-winning actress to appear in a DCEU film. However, seeing as her last superhero film was “Batman Forever,” her casting as “Queen Atlanna” was a little surprising. Kidman explained that James Wan had always intended for her to take the role. He even used her face for Atlanna’s concept art before formally reaching out. Luckily for Wan, Kidman was a fan of her fellow Australians’ work and his pitch that she’d play a royal warrior. Although Kidman doesn’t have a leading role, the fact that Atlanna is Aquaman’s mother makes her crucial to the story. 

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#3: “Aquaman” Went by “Ahab”

During filming, studios can use working titles to conceal details about their film projects. In “Aquaman’s” case, Warner Bros. went with “Ahab.” If you weren’t forced to read “Moby Dick” in high school, you might miss this reference. In the novel, Captain Ahab becomes obsessed with hunting the whale that took his leg. When he finally encounters the creature, it ends up killing him. While it’s doubtful that we’ll see anyone obsessed with a whale in “Aquaman,” “Ahab” could refer to King Orm’s arc after Aquaman returns to take the throne from him. Either that, or maybe an executive just thought it sounded cool.  

#2: Bubbles Aren’t Needed for Dialogue

In 2017’s “Justice League,” a simple Atlantis scene left fans baffled. When Mera wanted to speak to Aquaman underwater, she summoned a ridiculous looking air bubble around them. This raised concerns that all the dialogue in Atlantis would have to hold for bubbles. Fortunately, director James Wan was quick to assure fans on Twitter and in interviews that conversations would look a lot more natural in “Aquaman.” To create the look of underwater dialogue, we’ll see something like soundwaves coming from character’s mouths. The choice to pop these magical bubbles will help keep the pace moving and make it easier to take conversations seriously. 

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#1: Wan Raced to “Aquaman” Instead of “Flash”

As we stated earlier, James Wan knows how to handle speedy action. Yet, when Wan was offered the chance to direct “Flash,” he chose to dive into Atlantis instead. In an interview, Wan said he liked the idea of pioneering a place that hadn’t been seen on film before. He also felt that bringing the lesser known Aquaman to life gave him more room to play with the character than if he adapted someone more popular like The Flash. Ultimately, Wan’s directing decision seemed to be motivated by creative freedom and his enthusiasm. Those elements are what “Aquaman” deserves and what the DCEU needs right now.  

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