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Top 5 Worst Super Smash Bros Items

Avoid at All Costs

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is set to sweep across the gaming nation, and in doing so will likely assume the mantle of the Switch’s darling pick for 2018. With so many characters showing up for the fight-fest, we’re likely to see plenty of the franchise’s iconic items make a return. While they often help turn the tide of a battle, we could do without these infamous entries being included…

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#5: Broken Hammer

The hammer is actually one of the most powerful weapons in “Smash Bros.” When picked up, it turns its user into a walking killing machine, leaving a wake of destruction and chaos behind. However, in an effort to balance the all-powerful hammer, there is a chance that, upon picking it up, the hammer’s head will go flying off and your character will be stuck running around swinging the totally harmless wooden handle. Not only is the broken hammer useless in terms of dealing damage, it also leaves you very vulnerable to attack. 

#4: Banana Peel

Is there anything more hilarious or classic then seeing someone slip on a banana peel? It’s a time-honored gag and a classic of slapstick comedy. In a frenetic fighting game, however, banana peels are pretty useless. They can be thrown for minor damage, and if your opponent slips on a banana peel, they fall and are momentarily stunned. Even more annoying, Diddy Kong gets banana peals as standard for one of his special attacks, no wonder he’s hated among the tournament crowd. 

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#3: Poison Mushroom

The regular mushroom is a decent item, transforming you into a giant so you beat down on your opponents. The poison mushroom on the other hand, turns you into a miniature version, making you easier to knock off. The worst part about the poison mushroom is that it is so hard to differentiate from the regular mushroom. It has a slightly different shade of red and a meaner mushroom-face, but in the heat of battle, who’s paying attention to details? Get one of these by mistake and you may get squashed like a bug. 

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#2: Mr. Saturn

Mr. Saturn are strange little creatures that play an integral role in the “Earthbound/Mother” series, but in “Smash Bros.” they walk around the stage aimlessly, waiting to become the unfortunate victim of a misplaced attack. Watching Mr. Saturn walk around the stage is kind of cute in a weird, unsettling way, but he doesn’t really do anything all that useful. Well ok you might get lucky in some cases.  

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#1: Goldeen’s Pokeball

After an epic scramble, you finally manage to get your hands on that elusive Pokeball sitting on a hard-to-reach platform. For a split second, you imagine the destructive force of nature that the Pokeball might release. Maybe you’ll get a rare legendary Pokemon like Moltress or Lugia? NOPE. When you toss your Pokeball, out comes a Goldeen. Which literally flops around on the ground doing nothing. Gahhhh, fail.  

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