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Reasons Why Teen Titans Go Is Hated, Superhero vs Superhero Fights & Worst Live-Action Remakes – Top 3 Suggested Ideas of the Week!

The Best of the Suggest

You guys have continued to suggest and vote and now it’s time to check out the Top 3 Suggested Ideas of this week! If you didn’t know, at the end of every week we pick 3 of the trending voting pages from our suggest tool that got the most action and votes, or a page that simply stood out as creative and interesting. If you want to take part in the fun and maybe…just maybe…have your suggested “Top 10” list become a WatchMojo video, or at least, get some well-deserved praise right here on the blog, then make sure to head over to WatchMojo.com and create your MyMojo account! It literally takes 30 seconds and you can create a new account or just sign in with an existing Google or Facebook account, so get going because your idea might be included in our new weekly segment!

#3: Top 10 Superhero vs Superhero Fights in Movies

This week has been huge for superhero fans, with Marvel dropping both the trailers for the upcoming “Captain Marvel” and “Avengers: End Game” films as well as hinting at a trailer for “Spider-Man: Far From Home” in the near future, so the popularity of this list came as no surprise. Some of your favorite superhero vs superhero fights seem to be: Iron Man, Spider-Man, And Doctor Strange Vs The Guardians in “Avengers: Infinity War“, Hulk vs Iron Man in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and the Airport Battle in “Captain America Civil War”, but by a small voting margin, Iron Man vs Captain America and Winter Soldier in “Captain America Civil War” came out on top. What’s your favorite superhero duel? Vote HERE or click on the list entry below!

#2: Another Top 10 Worst Live-Action Remakes

We’ve covered many reboot and remakes including: Live-Action Anime No One Asked For, Unwatchable Live-Action Disney Movies and some of the Worst Live-Action Superhero TV Shows, but this list continues from where we left off and covers a new rank of live-action remakes that have received significant back-lash or negative reviews. Some of the top voted entries are “Inspector Gadget”, “Yogi Bear” and “Underdog”, with “Scooby-Doo” taking the top spot, with it’s underwhelming performances and less than successful humour that definitely did not live up to the original animated series we know and love. What do you think? Vote HERE on this list!

#1: Top 10 Reasons Why Teen Titans Go Is Hated

As a follow-up to the hugely popular “Teen Titans” Cartoon Network show, “Teen Titans Go!” was meant to bring a lighter, more comedic and kid-friendly lens to the series and show a cape-free, off-duty side of the teens. However, the majority of fans of the original DC comics inspired show have responded to “Teen Titans Go!” very negatively and publicly hated on it for the reasons featured on this list. Many votes have gone to ‘It teaches bad lessons to kids’, ‘It hogs up too many time slots on Cartoon Network’ and ‘It mocks fans of the original series’, with the #1 reason being that ‘It turned the heroic Titans into selfish and bratty husks’. Do you think this show deserves this level of hate? Vote HERE to let us know what you think!

Which list do you think would make a great WatchMojo video? Leave a comment below and vote on the lists above to let us know! 

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