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Top 5 Worst Things Carnage Has Done

Killing Is His Business…and Business Is Good!

Comic lovers are well aware of the horrendous deeds that this symbiote has committed during his time as one of Marvel’s most psychotic villains. Now it looks like his bloodshed and butchery has found a place on the silver screen, given how we got our first look at his live-action persona during Venom’s stringer scene. We doubt that these morbid moments from the comics will be reenacted in the Venom sequel, but it’s fair to say that Sony have quite the sordid history to pick from for the upcoming live-action adaptation.

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#5: Infecting an Entire Town With His Symbiote

The 5 part Carnage U.S.A. miniseries saw the beloved villain take his unique brand of horror and apply it to an entire small town. Arriving in Doverton, Colorado, Cletus Kasady infects the local water supply to spread his symbiote to the inhabitants of the town, turning all of them into his personal playthings. In the very first issue, we see a baby and young boy infected and attack their father. It’s some seriously shocking content. That’s the thing about Carnage though, he doesn’t just love committing acts of murder… he also takes pleasure in mentally torturing his victims. Sadly, not everyone makes it out alive.

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#4: Infecting Peter Parker’s Son

It may seem far worse to infect multiple children than just one, but this particular victim’s relationship to Spider-Man made it more personally painful and thus, more resonant with readers. In the MC2 reality, also known as Earth-982, the Carnage Symbiote has separated from Cletus Kasady, but it’s still apparently got a thing for torturing members of the Spider-family. When the Carnage symbiote attaches itself to Spider-Girl’s high school friend Moose, she learns firsthand just how dangerous her father’s old foe really is. Carnage kidnaps Ben Parker, Peter’s son, and then proceeds to bond with him, forcing Spider-Girl to fight her own baby brother. She saves him, but it costs Ben his hearing.

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#3: Throwing a Baby Out of a Window

Sure, Carnage throws baby Ben Parker out a window in the aforementioned story arc, but he’d presumably already infected the infant with the symbiote by this point, making it all just a sick exercise in emotional manipulation. Plus, by 2007 we’d grown accustomed to this sort of behavior from Carnage; 1992 was a very different time. After making his proper debut in Amazing Spider-Man #361, he quickly showed Spider-Man and readers alike that they were dealing with a very different breed of villain. How? By grabbing a baby from a disgruntled mother and then, after a little pitch black humor, chucking the baby out the window. Readers had never seen anything like it in the pages of “The Amazing Spider-Man” before.

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#2: Killing a Restaurant Full of People

Alright, we can’t say for sure that every single person in the establishment died from their injuries, but judging by Carnage’s track record, it’s pretty safe to say that for most patrons of this dinner, whatever meal they ordered was their last. Of course, in a Deadpool vs. Carnage miniseries, the body count was always bound to be staggering. The mayhem begins with Carnage brutally killing a big-talking cop. He then proceeds to dismember and disembowel a trio of tough guys. Then, as the bystanders attempt to flee, he seals the door, posing the sinister question: “who’s next?”

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#1: Turned NYC Into Hotbed of Rage

Carnage has killed so many people, it becomes a somewhat pointless task to rank his misdeeds based on the body count. He’s killed men, women, and children with abandon, but he’s rarely ever achieved the sort of insidious reach he did in 1993’s Maximum Carnage. After fellow Ravencroft inmate Shriek falls in love with him, Carnage uses her unique psychic abilities to magnify the anger of civilians all across New York City, fostering the sort of mindless rage in them that results in citizens randomly attacking one another and riot. It may not have been as direct as some of our other entries, but rarely has Carnage been responsible for so much violence and chaos.

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