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Top 5 Lead Female Drama TV Characters

They Are Not To Be Messed With

With Veronica Mars due to make her grand return to the small screen next year, fans and newcomers alike are set to see one of the most iconic female leads to ever grave TV bring her awesomeness to a new generation. After all, Ms Mars and these other epic ladies have made it clear throughout their respective series that they’re not ones to be trifled with.

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#5: Kate Beckett
“Castle” (2009-16)

After meteorically rising through the ranks after joining the Police Academy fresh out of college, Kate Beckett gets a new partner while investigating a strange case that appears to mirror the story of novelist Richard Castle. And who is said partner? Castle himself! This leads to his decision of basing his next character on Beckett, named Nikki Heat, and that which is inspired by her real-life counterpart’s intelligence and aptitude for police work. Although their relationship is strained at first, Beckett eventually comes to respect Castle and his unique perspective, with the two eventually even entering a relationship. While Beckett can solve just about any crime, including her own mother’s murder, she can be a bit of a geek as well, being an avid comic book fan, but that’s what makes her so great.

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#4: Piper Chapman
“Orange Is the New Black” (2013-)

Based on real-life criminal Piper Kerman and her memoirs of a year spent in a women’s minimum security prison, the character of Piper Chapman is a fish out of water in her strange new world. After bidding farewell to her privileged lifestyle, Chapman runs into a series of problems while dealing with both the prison guards and fellow inmates. Skirting the line between being sympathetic and narcissistic, Chapman undergoes a metamorphosis over the course of the series as a result of her dark environment. Though she began as naive and self-indulgent, once in prison, Chapman is turned into a survivor and a fighter. She also takes the time to reflect on her spoiled life and what landed her there in the first place.

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#3: Veronica Mars
“Veronica Mars” (2004-07)

The premise of this cult classic series, which combines noir with high school drama, would have buckled under a lesser protagonist, but the sassy and wise beyond her years Veronica Mars made it one of the most memorable shows in recent years. Tossing aside the traditional role of females only existing as eye candy or the femme fatal in the noir genre, Mars was a fully realized and deeply complex character. With a tragic past that included the murder of her best friend, being abandoned by her mother and surviving rape, Mars was a jaded, but still extremely headstrong and fierce protagonist – as well as one heck of a private detective!

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#2: Carrie Mathison
“Homeland” (2011-)

After an incident in Iraq in which she learns of an American soldier that’s been turned by al-Queda, CIA officer Carrie Mathison returns to the US disgraced and under mysterious circumstances. Her suspicions quickly turn to rescued POW Nicolas Brody, who had been missing for eight years and suddenly resurfaces. Despite skepticism from her superiors, Mathison begins to conduct her own unauthorized surveillance of Brody, and it is one that borders on obsession that’s fueled by her bipolar disorder. Filled with a fear that she’s going crazy, Mathison’s path is one of danger and intrigue, while her bold and sometimes questionable decisions have made her one of the most intricate and intriguing characters on TV.

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#1: Alicia Florrick
“The Good Wife” (2009-16)

Inspired by many real-life political scandals, the name of this series references Alicia Florrick’s support of her husband and former State Attorney after he was accused using state money for prostitutes. Despite her public showing of support for Peter, Alicia is understandably devastated by the betrayal of the man she loves. Inspired by Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Edwards, Alicia has a strong background as a lawyer, and returns to the profession to support her children following Peter’s arrest and many years away from law. The character has been praised as a modern and complex woman who balances her many complex relationships, career and goals, with raising two children, all while dealing with multiple scandals in the age of social media.

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