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Top 5 Things to Remember Before Seeing The Crimes of Grindelwald

All Aboard The Hogwarts Express

2 years with no magic is 2 years too many. This coming Friday, November 16th, we will finally re-enter the Wizarding World and feast our eyes on the beasts that await us, because the anticipated “Fantastic Beasts” sequel “The Crimes of Grindelwald” is coming to theatres. Although the film has received some backlash due to the casting of Johnny Depp, we can always count on J.K. Rowling to conjure up a riveting and imaginative story that won’t let the fans down. Whether you’re a well-versed Potter fan or a new member of this magical community, here are five crucial elements to know before this Friday’s premiere!

#5: Nicolas Flamel

Remember him? Fans will obviously recall Flamel as the alchemist referred to in the very first Harry Potter book. Inspired by the 14th-century scholar, Flamel is the only real-life person ever to feature in J.K. Rowling’s wizarding series. And so… In “The Crimes of Grindelwald”, Dumbledore tells Newt about a Parisian safe house, and there is speculation that this very place might be the home of Flamel. He and Dumbledore are friends, after all. That isn’t so bad when you consider the real Flamel would have been around 600 years old at this time.

#4: First Stop: Paris

A cryptic tweet by JK Rowling once suggested that each “Fantastic Beasts” film will be set in a different country and “The Crimes of Grindelwald” supports that notion as it is going to take us to France, with Paris featuring heavily in the film’s trailers, from the Eiffel Tower to the Circus Arcanus. It seems that French wizarding life may not be so different from that in the UK, though… with insiders reporting that Paris has its own version of Diagon Alley, which is accessed through the base of a statue.

#3: Dumbledore vs Grindelwald

Potterheads know that these two magical heavyweights are destined to duel in the “Fantastic Beasts” series. Whilst that showdown is unlikely to take place in film two, we can still expect to see the men’s relationship explored – and it is certainly a complex one considering the wizards share a romantic past. Jude Law has revealed that Grindelwald sits at the centre of Dumbeldore’s “desires”, as shown when Hogwarts’ future headmaster looks into the Mirror of Erised. So how much will their relationship feature in the film? Only time will tell.

#2: New Magic and New Creatures

In addition to the Maledictus blood curse, “The Crimes of Grindelwald” promises to introduce us to many new magical spells and phenomena – from what appears to be a floating, teleporting glove to this novel way of walking through walls. Of course, in keeping with the title of the series, there will be new creatures to accompany old favourites like the Nifflers and the Bowtruckle. Newt will have to deal with the Chinese Zouwu, along with Rowling’s own favourite – the shapeshifting Kelpie, of which the Loch Ness Monster is reportedly an example. Good luck with that!

#1: The Sibling Rivalry

Finally, let’s not forget another new character in “The Crimes of Grindelwald” – Newt’s brother, Theseus. He’s a former war hero, and the current Head of the Auror Office… But, whilst the two siblings are set to fight together against Gellert Grindelwald, brotherly love is seemingly in short supply. The love triangle with Leta Lestrange is an obvious source of friction, and the two brothers have apparently followed very different paths in life. Judging by the way Newt reacts when Tina ties up Theseus, we get the impression that their dynamic throughout the film will continue to be a complicated one.

What are you most excited to see in this newest installation in the Wizarding World franchise?

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