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Top 5 Zombie Comedy Movies

Blood, Death and Laughs!

Despite somewhat over-saturating both the big and small screens, zombies still remain an instant draw for audiences. While they may stem from the horror genre, the undead have also managed to find a new home in comedy flicks. As evidenced by upcoming movies like Overlord, no matter he many times they go down, the running dead always find a way to rise up and infect audiences with a severe case of laughter!

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#5: “The Return of the Living Dead” (1985)

Like most zombie movies, “The Return of the Living Dead” centers around a group of humans trying to survive a zombie outbreak. However, unlike most zombie movies, they also have to figure out how in the hell zombies work, as zombie lore has seemingly lied to them. The movie makes the most of its self-referential humor, including a scene where characters discuss the rules of zombies and start freaking out when a specific one isn’t properly responding to the rules. The movie contains some of the most memorable scenes in the genre, and it’s just as funny and relevant today as it was in 1985.

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#4: “Warm Bodies” (2013)

This is one of the most original movies in the zombie comedy genre. “Warm Bodies” tells the story of a zombie who befriends and falls in love with a human whose father is the leader of the human resistance. While the movie contains your typical social commentary, it also tells its story through the point of view of a humanized zombie. Also unlike most zombie comedies, the movie isn’t so much about the zombies themselves as it is a romantic story about young love and its limiting boundaries. It’s equal parts cute and hilarious, and it makes for a great time at the movies.

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#3: “Braindead” [aka “Dead Alive”] (1992)

Just remember, this is from the man who would eventually give us “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy! “Braindead” was one of Peter Jackson’s first movies, and it tells the story of a woman who infects a small town after being bitten by a rabid rat-monkey. “Braindead” is undoubtedly one of the most well-known gore movies of all time, as many of its scenes, including the famous lawnmower bloodbath, have become iconic staples of the schlocky B-movie genre. It is gross and extremely tasteless, but its sheer carefree attitude, ridiculous story, and buckets of blood and guts make “Braindead” a classic of the genre.

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#2: “Zombieland” (2009)

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more fun zombie comedy. “Zombieland” stars an A-list cast as a group of characters that must resolve their many, many differences, band together, and survive in a post-apocalyptic zombie world – and maybe find a Twinkie along the way. “Zombieland” doesn’t really do anything new with the genre, but its sheer sense of goofy fun, its referential take on the zombie genre, and its stellar cast make it a classic. The Bill Murray scene alone places “Zombieland” in the pantheon of the all-time great zombie comedies. It’s ridiculous, and it’s also a ton of fun.

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#1: “Shaun of the Dead” (2004)

When it comes to zombie comedies, there’s simply no competing with “Shaun of the Dead.” Edgar Wright’s major studio debut, “Shaun” is filled with Wright’s signature layered dialogue, frantic editing, call-backs, and foreshadowing. It’s not only extremely well-directed, written, and acted, but it also contains some brilliant social commentary on British society. As a bonus, it also uses the zombies as a platform to tell a story about growing up, shouldering responsibilities, and refusing to shamble through life like a zombie. There’s more to life than stumbling your way to the pub every night, and “Shaun of the Dead” wants you to know it.

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