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5 Amazing Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s Time to Throw Out Those Cat Ears

Halloween is only a week away and the associated parties, work events, festivities and costume contests are approaching even quicker, but the question is: What are you going to be this year? There’s always the easy option of settling on those basic vampire fangs or that skeleton t-shirt in the back of your closet, but if you’re looking to make a statement, take an insane Instagram picture, or just have some fun on the one day a year that you can literally be whoever you want to be, then these 5 costume ideas are made for you. They’re bold, current and they will definitely earn you some extra candy. Don’t forget, Horror Week starts tomorrow, so vote HERE on our list of the Top 50 Scariest Scenes in Horror Movies before the video premieres on Halloween Day!

#5: “Star Wars” Characters

Sure… we could make arguments about how these costumes are timely because “Solo” came out in May 2018 or due to the announcement of “Clone Wars” Season 7, but we don’t really need to because, well… “Star Wars” is timeless – it’s ALWAYS a good choice. “Solo: A Star Wars Story” has definitely inspired a renewed interest in Chewbacca and Han Solo couple costumes, but characters from “The Last Jedi” and “The Force Awakens” are still equally as relevant and popular. Of course, the return of “Clone Wars” does make this a great time to go for a more obscure character. Who’s up for a little Cad Bane or Bo-Katan cosplay?

#4: “The Handmaid’s Tale” Characters

When Hulu adapted this classic tale by Margaret Atwood, they knocked it out of the park in multiple ways. Not only did they successfully translate Atwood’s story and message to the small screen and perfectly cast Elisabeth Moss in the starring role of Offred, but they also nailed the aesthetic by hiring Ane Crabtree as costume designer. While the white bonnet and red robes look might be a simple one, it makes for a powerful image and has undeniably become iconic since the show’s debut. For those looking to put together a costume that requires little effort but makes a big impression, look no further.

#3: Red Jumpsuit from “La casa de papel” (“Money Heist”)

Speaking of simple red costumes that are sure to turn heads, how about this little number? Initially broadcast on Antena 3 and capturing the attention of viewers around the world thanks to a distribution deal with Netflix, “La casa de papel,” known as “Money Heist” in North America, is a gripping heist series with the sort of aesthetic that you can’t ignore. As a result of the show’s success, the disguise worn by our criminal protagonists has become rather iconic – not unlike the “V for Vendetta” mask before it. All you need is a red jumpsuit and a Salvador Dali mask – both of which are easily available online thanks to this show.

#2: The Incredibles

They’re baaaaack! Everyone’s favorite Pixar superhero family made their long-awaited return to the big screen in 2018 to wonderful and wildly entertaining results, making now the perfect time to slip into some spandex of your own. This costume idea works for an individual, a couple or a family of up to 5! Simple in its design, the classic red and black Incredibles outfit can easily be purchased online at reasonable prices. Fun, and instantly recognizable, your Incredible family costume is sure to be well-received at any Halloween event.

#1: “Riverdale” Characters

Who could’ve guessed that a modern take on the world of Archie, drawing inspiration from the likes of “Gossip Girl” and “Twin Peaks,” would take the world of television by storm? The students of Riverdale High are stylish, gorgeous, and oh so perfect to serve as your inspiration this Halloween. You can roll into the party solo as any single character or make an ensemble event out of it. Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Cheryl, Josie, Valerie, and Melody – there’s no shortage of characters to choose from, and every one of them has a distinct look that fellow fans are sure to spot. What can we say… this is the year of Riverdale.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Leave a comment down below! And don’t forget to vote HERE on our list of the Top 50 Scariest Scenes in Horror Movies.

For more costume ideas that are bound to get a compliment or at least create a solid Instagram post, check out the MsMojo video below on the Top 10 Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas (2018)

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