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Sean Bean Is A Target In Hitman 2

Requiem For A Bean

As some of you might know, veteran actor Sean Bean has quite the resume when it comes to having his on-screen characters bite the dust. Whether it’s leaving the mortal coil in a heartfelt goodbye like in The Lord of the Rings or something utterly hilarious like being taken out by stampeding cows in The Field, there’s no end to the amount of times across his career that Sean Bean has had to convey his own death. Now the longstanding joke has taken on a new meta form, since it’s been revealed that the actor is now starring as a target in the upcoming Hitman 2 video game!

According to an article on Gamespot

IO Interactive has announced its first Elusive Target mission for Hitman 2, and it stars none other than the man of many lives (and deaths), actor Sean Bean. Bean plays Mark Faba, an MI5 agent gone rogue as a freelance assassin. Faba has gained a reputation for faking his death, even earning the nickname “The Undying.”

The Undying will release as the first Elusive Target on November 20, one week after the release of Hitman 2. The mission takes place in Miami, where Faba is trying to complete his own contract at the Global Innovation Race event in Miami. You’ll have ten days to complete it. As with the first Hitman, Elusive Targets are free, temporary missions that you’ll only have one chance to complete.

A live-action trailer accompanying the announcement stars Bean as Faba, talking with a therapist about his life as an assassin and describing the various ways he’s eluded death. The role as an expert in faking his own death serves another purpose as a meta-joke, as Sean Bean has become known for playing characters who ultimately die.

As you can imagine, the chance to take out Sean Bean as video game’s most iconic assassin is just too much of a hilariously awesome premise to pass up. Here’s hoping that this particular target is just one of many epic moments that the sequel will give us. After all, would be a shame to waste the Bean on a sub-par title!

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