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Sherlock Creators Set To Release Dracula Miniseries

Elementary, My Dear Vampire

Bram Stoker’s infamous bloodsucker is once again poised for another on-screen adaptation, though this time he appears to be in the capable hands of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. If you happen to be die-hard Sherlock fan, those names should certainly ring bell, since they managed to bring the unorthodox detective into the 21st Century. Given how that venture turned into a modern TV phenomenon, the duo seem to have their sights on repeating history by tackling another literary icon, one with a penchant for biting.

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According to an article on Empire

News crossed the wires in June last year that Sherlock duo Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss were turning their attention to a new literary icon, planning a Dracula series. Now we know a little bit more about where/when it’ll be set and where you’ll be able to watch the finished product.

Unlike Sherlock‘s contemporary setting, Dracula‘s story will kick off more traditionally in Transylvania in 1897, where the blood-craving count is plotting against the denizens of Victorian London. And it won’t be long before he heads there… Whether the story (given the title character’s famously long-lived existence) spans a longer time period, remains to be seen, but Moffat and Gatiss describe the show via a press release picked up by The Hollywood Reporter: “There have always been stories about great evil. What’s special about Dracula is that Bram Stoker gave evil its own hero.”

The BBC has picked up the miniseries – currently scheduled for three feature-length episodes – and while it has yet to announce a date, we’d expect it to be on our screens next year. Those outside the UK will be able to watch the show on Netflix.

Given how well the duo were able to adapt and convey the character of Sherlock in such a profound way, we’re hoping that this incarnation of Dracula is a little more Christopher Lee than Gerald Butler in terms of charm, taboo and intimidation.

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