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JrMojo Partners With Kid Genius Cartoons!

Listen Up Kids!

We’re excited to announce that our friends over at JrMojo are about to get a little bit more animated! JrMojo has partnered with Kid Genius Cartoons and will be featuring some of their great animated shows on JrMojo’s YouTube channel including “SpacePOP”, Warren Buffet’s “Secret Millionaires Club”, “Gisele and the Green Team”, “Martha and Friends”, “Baby Genius”, and “Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab”! Check out the announcement video below from WatchMojo:

If you head over to JrMojo now, you can check out the playlist linked here to watch the first half of Season 1 of “Gisele & The Green Team” where Gisele and her friends, a superhero team, fight some intense environmental crimes! The rest of Season 1 will be available October 20th.

Don’t forget to keep heading back to JrMojo, because they release 5+ new videos every week and there will be lots more new and fun animated content that you won’t want to miss, not to mention interactive games, question & answer shows, music videos, informative game shows, storytelling videos, DIY crafts and so much more!

If you want a taste of what’s to come, check out the video below for episode 1 in the “Gisele & The Green Team” Season 1 playlist:



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