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Top 5 Yu-Gi-Oh! Monsters!

It’s Time To Duel!

No one was expecting the likes of the King of Games to enter the fray, and yet thanks to a new reveal trailer, it’s confirmed that Yugi will be taking on other iconic anime/manga characters in Jump Force. While he’s not exactly a fighter, he does have access to the spirits of ancient monsters at his disposal, allowing him to level the playing field against the likes of Goku, Naruto, Luffy and the rest. Here’s hoping that he’s stacked his deck with these famous faces!

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#5: Exodia the Forbidden One

We’re not sure whether having a monster that actually lets you win the game just by holding five particular cards in your hand is either cheating at its finest or actually quite brilliant, but either way Exodia is definitely a monster all duellists live in fear of. Making one hell of an introduction during the pilot episode, it secured Yugi’s first ever win against Kaiba by obliterating three Blue Eyes White Dragons in a single strike. Due to its instant-win ability, it’s understandable why the show would find a way to get rid of him, but hey, at least we got to see go toe to toe with Zorc.

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#4: Red Eyes Black Dragon

You can probably pinpoint Joey’s prominent rise to being a decent duellist at the time when he managed to acquire this bad boy from the devious Rex Raptor. It may be less powerful than its blue-eyed counterpart, but Red Eyes has still won its fair share of duels and secured itself as a monster worth having in your deck. Even when going up against tougher summons, the dark dragon has come out on top with its series of alternate forms, ranging from the Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon to the Black Skull Dragon.

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#3: The Egyptian Gods

You have rare cards, you have powerful cards, and then you have the three Egyptian Gods. The driving force behind the anime’s second season, these three legendary beasts are some of strongest and most badass looking monster summons you’ll ever come across. With ridiculous attack points, lethal special abilities and the nasty habit of giving duellist ancient Egyptian flashbacks, Obelisk the Tormentor, Slifer the Sky Dragon and Winged Dragon of Ra stand tall as some of the most destructively awesome monsters to ever appear in Yu-Gi-Oh. Individually they’re powerful, but together? Whoo-boy, good luck.

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#2: The Dark Magician

Before Yugi started adding deities to his deck, this spellcaster was the monster he was most famous for summoning on a constant basis to help him win battles. Possessing decent attack points and a memorable design – what’s most notable about this shadowy conjurer is his tendency to have a whole flock of alternate forms. From the Dark Sage all the way to the Dark Paladin, Yugi’s signature card has a whole plethora of tricks under his sleeve. We also have to give mention to his voluptuous assistant, The Dark Magician Girl. Ahh, the dark magician girl~

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#1: Blue Eyes White Dragon

As much as we’d hate to add to Seto Kaiba’s monumental ego, we can’t deny he has a great choice in monster cards. Though we’d have to say making a Blue Eyes White Dragon Jet Plane might be going a little overboard. As one of the most powerful dragon type monsters out there, its high attack points have often spelled doom for Kaiba’s enemies. Count yourself lucky if you only have to face off against one, because if three of these monsters end up on the field together, then chances are they’ll end up fusing into the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, and that is a customer you do not want to mess with!

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