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Top 5 Scariest Sci-Fi Games

In Space, No One Can Hear You Use A Plasma Cutter

2019 looks set to give us a brand new sci-fi horror title in the form of Observation; a game in which players will take control of a dubious A.I that needs to assist colonists from a mysterious threat. Think of it as playing from the perspective of a much nicer version of HAL 9000 – so far as we know. In terms of combining both scares and sci-fi, the upcoming game has some stiff competition to overcome given the pedigree of the sub-genre.

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#5: “Soma” (2015)

Humanity, death, rebirth and psychotic machine hybrids, all set at the bottom of the ocean on a dying earth. Welcome to the end of humanity. Simon Jarret’s desperate struggle to escape may have resulted in a game that acts more as a reflection on the frailties of man as opposed to an outright horror title, but there’s no denying there are a lot of scares to be found here. With the constant reminder that the planet is on its last legs, the abundance of suicides as survivors try to upload their consciousness onto computers, and of course quite a variety of horrific monsters chasing us down. Tie all that together, and Soma remains a truly haunting experience.

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#4: “Doom 3” (2004)

Just because you are armed to the teeth doesn’t make this trip into the inferno any less of a scare-fest. When demons start spilling out through a dimensional portal on Mars, players have to lock and load and send them right back to hell with a bullet to the brain. Easier said than done, especially with so many gruesome and disturbing enemies standing in your way. All of the enemies in the game are intimidating in their own freakish way, to the point where not even the BFG 9000 is enough to ease your fears.

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#3: “Dead Space” (2008)

It’s not easy being Isaac Clarke. Stranded on a spaceship bursting at the seams with alien monstrosities, including the grotesque Hivemind and indestructible Hunter, life kind of sucks. Between the vast amount of Necromorphs, religious nutcases and hallucinations about his dead girlfriend, there is barely a moment to breath in this game before you are set upon by a new horde of monsters. Throw in all of the painful ways Isaac can bite the dust, and chances are you’ll be stocking up pretty heavily on all that Plasma Cutter ammo.

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#2: “System Shock 2” (1999)

One word; SHODAN. While having to fight your way through yet another infected vessel brings about its own fair share of scares, nothing compares to the reveal that the voice that has been guiding you to safety this whole time has been none other than this psychotic A.I. With her petrifying cyberpunk design and distorted voice, SHODAN ensured that our time aboard the starship Von Braun was one of absolute dread. Even with the common goal of destroying the Many, she never failed to unsettle us with her less than benevolent views on humanity.

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#1: “Alien: Isolation” (2014)

You can run, you can hide, you can blast away with your flamethrower, it still won’t save you from the jaws of this Xenomorph. While on the hunt for her missing mother, Amanda Ripley finds herself trapped on a massive space station, where the galaxy’s most terrifying creature has just so happened to make its home. With no way to defend yourself other than to evade it, there’s never been a more frightening game of cat and mouth in the whole cosmos. Oh god, don’t let it see us, don’t let it see us!

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