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Top 5 Minecraft Mods

Break Out Those Pickaxes!

While not exactly the sequel that fans have been waiting for, the announcement of the Minecraft spinoff Dungeons has certainly lit a fire in those than poured hours and hours into constructing their own cubic worlds. While we’re not sure if it will have the same breadth as the original, you can bet modders are already gearing up to work their magic. Here’s hoping they can match some of these now iconic custom creations!

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#5: “Minecraft Comes Alive”

While new creatures and enemies are added all the time, but it can still get a little bit lonely. The addition of NPC villagers that were eventually patched into the game was nice, but many players wanted to interact with them. This mod lets you trade, chat with, or even marry the NPCs and start families. Plus, with all of the different looking men and women contained in this mod, you’ll certainly have no shortage of choices for your partner.

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#4: “Galacticraft”

Here’s a mod for the player who wants more sci-fi out of his Minecraft experience. It introduces a craftable rocketship to the game, allowing you to disregard gravity and blast out to the moon and space. Don’t be worried about struggling to breathe up there, because the mod lets you craft oxygen generators and masks to keep you breathin’ easy. Building a rocket ain’t easy and requires a huge amount of resourses, but once your chopping through moon zombies you’ll agree that it was worth it.

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#3: “Zan’s Minimap Mod”

There’s nothing worse than making an awesome creation and not being able to find it. Although the in game maps you can craft do technically work, they’re not exactly user friendly. Luckily, this mod solves your problems by helping you keep track of the game’s environment. It also shows you when mobs are coming, so they won’t be able to sneak up on you. Even better, it adds a death marker, showing you where you last died and making it that much easier to get back there to retrieve whatever you dropped.

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#2: “Pixelmon”

Are you the type of person that wants all your gameplay experiences mashed together? Definitely give this mod a try. It adds 294 different Pokemon creatures to the game, as well as an awesome Pokemon-style battle system. There are also NPC trainers to challenge, and of course, this still being minecraft, pokeballs to craft. With Poke-fans clamoring for an 3D, open world pokemon game for years, this is the next best thing to tide them over.

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#1: “Buildcraft”

Given that Minecraft is all about building at its core, it’s no surprise that we chose this mod for the top of our list. It lets you create useful machines, such as a refinery. Sound boring? Well, the refinery can make automated mining machines that carve out a quarry for you, and organize the gathered resources into appropriate chests. THEY TOOK OUR JAAABS. Seriously though, this mod pushes your builds into the industrial era, giving you more time to do the really fun part – the building.

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Be sure to check out the video below to see our picks for Another Top 10 Minecraft Creations!

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