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Top 5 Nicholas Cage Movie Freak Outs

No One Does Crazy Like The Cage-Man

The reviews are in and people are going crazy for Nicholas Cage’s new film Mandy, wherein he sets off on a bloody trail of revenge while going through so many manic outbursts that it’s hard to keep up. With the flick set to become a cult phenomenon, what better time to look back through the years at the Academy Award winner’s other incredible on-screen meltdowns?

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“National Treasure: Book of Secrets” (2007)

Even when acting like an obviously fake drunk, Cage still manages to bring the laughs in spades. While trying to make a scene in a museum, Benjamin Gates decides to distract the guards by offering up a very poor British accent, followed by a series of random dishes. Not sure why more restaurants haven’t tried using Nic Cage for promoting their menu items.

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#4: Pissed Blood
“Matchstick Men” (2003)

Nothing gets between Nicholas Cage and his prescription pills. While suffering something of a OCD overload, Cage’s depressed con-man finds himself getting into an argument at a pharmacy. When one of the other customers demands he get back in line, Cage delivers a retort that promptly shuts everybody up. You will believe that the man who played Ghost Rider is capable of beating you all the way down the street.

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#3: Alphabet
“Vampire’s Kiss” (1988)

Let this be a lesson to all future secretaries, should you end up working for Nicholas Cage, make sure you never misplace a file, otherwise you’re in for a stern talking to. You won’t just be reprimanded for your actions, but you’ll have to witness Cage hammer the point home by listing the alphabet from A to Z, complete with wild gestures. We also have to give a mention to that time later in the movie where gave what has to be the most hilarious crying scene ever.

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#2: All the Faces
“Face/Off” (1997)

Iconic for featuring some of the greatest Cage-faces known to the world, watching Caster Troy flaunt himself around the screen like a fish high on LSD is a joy to behold. Where do we start? You’ve got the part where his eyes nearly bulge out as he gropes a young woman while dressed as a priest, the time where he decided he wanted to rip off the face of his mortal enemy in the most poetic way possible, not to mention that whole sequence where we witnessed Nicholas Cage played John Travolta playing Nicholas Cage…

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#1: Not the Bees!!!
“The Wicker Man” (2006)

For a time, this little sequence became the meme’s meme, the pinnacle of so-bad-it’s-good as well as the purest example of Nic Cage losing his mind…and we love every second of it. After finding himself as a sacrifice for a pagan cult, Cage finds himself with a helmet filled with bees placed on his head, all the while screaming bloody murder. It will live on as one of the most bizarre yet entertaining moments in cinema, as well as one of Nic Cage’s most defining career moments.

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Be sure to check out the video below to see our picks for the Top 10 Nicholas Cage Moments.

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