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Top 3 Episodes From Bojack Horseman Season 5

No More Horsin’ Around

Binging the latest season of this critically-acclaimed animated series has become something of a obligation as of late, especially if you’re someone who enjoys watching a cartoon horse satirise celebrity culture while also immersing us in the most painful and depraved aspects of human nature. Unsurprising, the fifth entry in the Bojack saha brought the feels in spade, with the majority of the cast undergoing some pretty major personal transformations. Through all the laughs and tears, these three episodes were the ones that ending up striking the biggest chords.

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#3: The Dog Days Are Over

Following her divorce from Mr Peanutbutter, Diane ends up in Vietnam on a personal mission to “find” herself and get a new perspective on life. As it happens, she doesn’t find the self-fulfilment she was hoping for, though she does return to the States with the assurance she can live through the new emotional baggage she has to carry. The narration is as painful as it is precise, with Diane’s tourist escapades blending in with the hurt of seeing her former hubby hook up with a new romantic interest so soon after their break-up. As far as character growth goes, it’s one of Diane’s most defining moments.

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#2: The Showstopper

By this point, the penultimate episode of a Bojack Horseman season is akin to Game of Thrones; there is always going to be some kind of horrific emotional revelation that leaves us feeling hollow inside, with the chances of Bojack being at the centre of it being staggeringly high. Sure enough, history repeats himself when Bojack’s drug-fuelled fever dream starts to bleed over into real life. As he and the detective character of Philbert become one and the same, things reach a boiling point when Bojack ends up nearly strangling the life out of his co-star and new girlfriend Gina. In terms of finding new lows, our boy succeeded yet again.

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#1: Free Churro

Beatrice Sugarman took on a whole new dimension in the previous season, so the revelation that she had finally succumbed to her dementia and passed on was a bitter pill to swallow. While we imagined she would be granted some kind of funeral scene, the last thing we expected was the for the whole episode to essentially be a twenty minute eulogy. Starting off with an anecdote about getting a free churro, Bojack says farewell to his mother in his own special way, wherein we got a deeper understanding of the hatred, destruction and loneliness that defined the Horseman household. It’s moving, uncomfortable and impressive in equal measure, not to mention has a payoff that will have you laughing in spite of the morbid subject matter.

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