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Top 5 Brutal Anime Overkills

That’s Going To Leave A Mark…

Dominating Japanese television and set to kick up a storm on Netflix, the latest entry in the Baki franchise has certainly been turning heads. Most of which end up snapped in a glorious display of gruesome martial arts madness. While his fights with the five death row inmates look like they could take the crown for Best Anime Battle of 2018, he still has a long way to go if he wants to match up to these beautiful displays of animated violence.

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#5: Caesar Falls Flat
“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” (2012-16)

What started with a bitter rivalry between two hot-headed Hamon users became a beautiful bromance, between Joseph and the Italian ladies man, Caesar. Unfortunately the latter isn’t strong enough to hold up against one of the infamous Pillar Men. It’s bad enough that his body was shredded by Wammu, but in the aftermath he has a giant stone cross fall onto his already doomed body. He may not have kept his looks in death, but at least he managed to carry over the last of his will to Joseph. Arrivederci.

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#4: Several-Punch Man
“One Punch Man” (2015)

Turns out that while Saitama can destroy anything from an alien overlord to a meteor with just a single blow, it doesn’t mean he has to stop there. It’s just when he does decide to throw more than one it results in a supervillain getting blown to bits like they’ve just been hit by a bomb. In all honestly a single punch would have been enough to take out the likes of the Beast King and even Boros. But we’re not telling him to stop. By all means give us more Consecutive Normal Punches.

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#3: Junko’s Suicide
“Dangan Ronpa: The Animation” (2013)

Junko Enoshima is one crazy lady. After imprisoning a group of students inside of an abandoned school, she seeks to invoke despair by throwing them all into a murder mystery game of death. Of course she’s eventually called out, and after realizing that hope has won over her precious despair, decides to do the only logical thing; subject herself to every wacky torture that she inflicted onto others. This includes: being pelted by a barrage of baseballs, stuck inside a motorcycle cage, burnt at the stake, sent into space and just crushed. Like we said. Crazy.

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#2: Gon x Kills x Pitou
“Hunter x Hunter” (2011-14)

Even the strongest of the Royal Guards finds himself powerless when up against a transformed Gon, who channels his anguish over the loss of his friend into a series of strikes that end up shattering Pitou’s skull… to the point where he doesn’t even have a head anymore. If you thought that was a bit much, just wait until you see how Gon turns his own severed arm into a weapon. Even long after the fight is over, Gon is still laying into the chimera ant…

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#1: Frieza FINALLY Dies
“Dragon Ball Z” (1989-96)

The once feared space tyrant really had an unfortunate change of luck after encountering Goku. He was sliced in half and blasted to bits…but still survived. Leave it to the time traveling half-saiyan to get the job done, though. After travelling to earth with daddy dearest, not only does freiza get cut to ribbons, he also got evaporated courtesy of a ki blast. The villain got killed so hard, he couldn’t even get revived in one piece.

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Be sure to check out the video below to see our pick for the Top 10 Brutal Fist Fights in Anime.

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