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Top 5 Actors Who Should Play James Bond

Shaken Not Stirred

Daniel Craig’s final performance as the ultimate super-spy hasn’t been going smoothly, mainly due to losing Danny Boyle as director early in the process. While the studios are quickly looking to find a replacement, we can’t help but wonder who will be there to take up the torch (and Aston Martin) when this latest incarnation of 007 retires.

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#5: Matthew Goode

Anyone miss the tall, dark, and handsome James Bond? While it’s apparent that the franchise has opted to experiment with new directions for the iconic character, Matthew Goode would be a good fit for the role because he emits such a classic sense of the timeless Bond that we’ve come to know and love. Also, he’s not yet been given the chance to prove himself as the lead in any major films, so a part like this could be a possible breakthrough performance.

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#4: Michael Fassbender

We’ve seen charming and cool Bond, but how about a borderline villainous Bond? Michael Fassbender has embodied all three qualities, most notably in his portrayal of Magneto in the “X-Men” franchise. The actor’s ability to become a likeable “bad” guy (or at least an anti-hero) can open plenty more dimensions to the 007 character, all while keeping fairly consistent with the Bond characteristics. Besides, we’ve all seen him play a more than convincing British spy in “Inglourious Basterds.”

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#3: Richard Armitage

We’re fascinated with what this actor’s portrayal of Bond could be because we really wouldn’t know what to expect. And this is all part of Richard Armitage’s allure. He’s been placed in so many conflicting roles, it’s hard to confine him to one type of character, which could very well be the key that unlocks all the faces of Bond we’ve yet to see. While Armitage has primarily stuck to television, his movie and many theater performances have far from disappointed.

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#2: Clive Owen

There are some actors out there that can play Bond, and then there are some actors that can be Bond. We’d put this seasoned actor into the latter camp, as it was revealed that he was sought out for the role before it was awarded to Daniel Craig. The idea of Clive Owen taking on the role of 007 was ignited by his performance in 1998’s “Croupier.” And even if Owen is never cast, we’ll always have a glimpse of what could have been from his parody of James Bond in “The Pink Panther.”

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#1: Idris Elba

We’d just like to put our bid in for this actor to helm the role of the most interesting man on Earth. Some unforeseen circumstances involving leaked Sony emails brought this actor’s candidacy for the role of Bond to the public, and aside from some misguided backlash, fans have collectively expressed their excitement. A close look at Idris Elba’s credentials would demonstrate that the actor is quite frankly overqualified for the role. Elba effortlessly exudes a certain presence and poise that not only transcends skin color, but is also quite familiar to Mr. Bond himself.

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