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Top 5 Easter Eggs In Avengers: Infinity War

Did You Catch Them Before They Turned To Ash?

Chris Hemsworth is certainly a busy man. The Australian actor isn’t only in talks to star in the fourth Star Trek film, but is also set to take the leading role in the upcoming action-flick Dhaka. While the idea of the man behind the hammer playing a burnt out mercenary sounds intriguing, what’s most intriguing is that the script was written by none other than MCU veterans Anthony and Joseph Russo. In celebration of their new collab, we’re taking another look over the Avengers’ recent outing to see what little treats the Russos left for us in the form of Easter Eggs!

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#5: The Blue Man

Honestly, this easter egg was so subtle, you were more likely to see its acknowledgement in the credits than the reference itself. As the credits roll at the of the film, there’s a line that thanks 20th Century Fox for the use of an Arrested Development character. Huh?! It turns out that the Russo Brothers thought a particular member of the extended Bluth family was the perfect fit for the Collector’s museum, and so a blue man sporting a moustache, glasses and cut off jeans shorts can be spotted in one of the glass cases. It’s not Tobias Funke actor David Cross, but it still makes for a wonderfully odd and specific easter egg.

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#4: The White Wolf

Bucky Barnes was certainly a sight for sore eyes in “Avengers: Infinity War,” for both audience members and Steve Rogers. Of course, now that he’s apparently been deprogrammed, his cold war moniker, Winter Soldier, doesn’t really fit anymore – and so T’Challa refers to him as the White Wolf. This could just be interpreted as a fun play on Black Panther and term of endearment, but the name actually has history in the comics. First introduced in 1999 in the pages of Black Panther Volume 3, White Wolf was the name eventually adopted by an orphan who T’Challa’s father found and raised. Apparently the royal family has a soft spot for strays.

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#3: An Eye for a God

At the end of “Thor: Ragnarok,” the titular God of Thunder regained his power and mojo. But… he lost an eye in the process. Apparently the good folks at Marvel Studios weren’t interested in having one-eyed hero for long (apart from Nick Fury), and so Thor was almost immediately offered a high quality replacement by his new friend and ally, Rocket Raccoon. But why did Rocket have a spare eye on hand? Well, as you might recall, he’s got a bit of a habit of collecting spare limbs, and we actually saw him acquire it from a Ravager called Vorker in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.” Gotta love a raccoon with hobbies!

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#2: Defenders Assemble!

Now… credit where credit is due, Rocket would never have had an eye to give Thor had Baby Groot not gotten it for him. Unfortunately, by the time “Avengers: Infinity War” rolls around, Groot has entered his surly teenage years. The silver lining? His adolescent rebellion takes the form of a delightfully relevant retro video game: Arcade Defenders. This works on multiple levels. Most simply, the game centers around protecting earth from alien invaders, much like the plot of the film. More importantly though, the comic book team, The Defenders, has featured numerous Infinity War characters over the years, including Hulk and Doctor Strange, among others.

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#1: Uncle Morgan

He might not have the name recognition of Uncle Ben, but it’s the obscurity of this lesser-known comic book uncle that makes his referencing such a great easter egg. When trying to pitch Pepper on the idea of them having kids (before he went off to an alien planet), Tony suggests that they could name their yet to be conceived (or even agreed upon) child “Morgan” – after an eccentric uncle of his. Morgan Stark made his debut in “Tales of Suspense” #68 in 1965, and was actually Tony’s villainous cousin, who, out of jealousy, was constantly trying to steal the company or otherwise ruin Tony. Eccentric indeed!

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