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Top 3 Spider-Man Characters Who Deserve Their Own Game

Everyone Needs A Turn In The Spotlight

Insomniac Games’ take on the iconic web-slinger is looking to be one of the year’s greatest hits. From the visuals, the combat, the depth of Peter Parker’s relationship with his alter ego, it all looks like a perfect puzzle box of superheroic splendour. We also know that it’s due to get some DLC a month after its launch, featuring new costumes and possibly some new playable characters. While we love all things Spidey, we can’t help but wonder if we’ll ever see these other famous web-heads in the near future.

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#3: Silk

Female versions of Spider-Man have been cropping up as of late, and for the most part they have shown themselves to be capable of standing on their own as unique characters. The most mainstream of these is of course Spider-Gwen, who has no shortage of cameos in upcoming films, shows and video games. However, our pick has to go to Cindy Moon; a prisoner/experiment who finds herself hunting down the mysteries of her past…while also trying to deal with her destined romance with ol’ web-head. So much intrigue could potentially make for a compelling narrative experience.

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#2: Toxin

What if a good man found himself possessed by a symbiote? What if he tried to control its power for the greater good? That’s Patrick Mulligan for you. As the host of Carnage’s son, this former cop tries to emulate the antics of Spider-Man in order to protect those he loves. Playing as a symbiote is always a highlight, but one with a legitimate shifting moral compass? Toxin would easily pave the way for players to make some bitter moral choices. As a somewhat obscure character, it would also allow developers to put their own spin on the black sheep of the symbiote bloodline.

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#1: Agent Venom

Mixing together web-slinging and epic gunplay? Now that’s a winning combination. As a special operative with complete control of the original symbiote, Flash Thompson’s military training would offer players a hybrid experience outside of what we normally expect to come an average Spidey game, bringing together Spidey’s agility with the weaponry one might expect to find in the likes of Vanquish or Spec Ops: The Line. It would certainly be a balancing act, but in the right hands this brand of brand of Venom could be a real winner.

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