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Three of the Most DISLIKED Music Videos on YouTube, EVER!

Not all popular videos are created equal.

Let’s look at 3 music videos that created enough hate to earn millions of dislikes online. We’re basing our choices on a mix of statistics (as of mid-2018) and the various reasons behind the outrage.

“Look What You Made Me Do”
Taylor Swift

With its graveyard opening and high concept visuals, there’s definitely a lot going on in ‘Look What You Made Me Do’. While the video is certainly complex, much of the negative attention came from Swift’s unexpected musical switch-up. In fact, ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ broke a record by earning an unprecedented 43 million views within 24 hours of releasing, but it also eventually racked up 1.2 million dislikes. Artistically killing her former personalities didn’t earn T-Swift much good will with her fans either. However, the negative press turned ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ into a colossal hit, proving there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

“Gangnam Style”

‘Gangnam Style’ is undeniably different than your average music video. All the outlandish style and bizarre scenes are certainly memorable, but over two million of its viewers think it’s memorable for all the wrong reasons. While any video would attract a few haters, three billion views brings PSY plenty of attention, whether it’s helpful or not. However, at the height of its popularity, the video also became the first on Youtube to pass one billion views, so it’s safe to say the song has more than its fair share of fans. The unapologetic quirks of ‘Gangnam Style’ continue to perplex its droves of viewers around the world.

“Baby” feat. Ludacris
Justin Bieber

While hating on Justin Bieber has gone out of style, his video for ‘Baby’ has repeatedly become the most disliked video on YouTube since 2010. While the video certainly looks a little dated, most of the vitriol seems to be directed at Bieber and his voice. Between a mob mentality of haters and Bieber’s own occasionally mischievous behavior, ‘Baby’ has been the focal point of many people’s rage. While ‘Sorry’ has earned over one million dislikes, ‘Baby’ has soared above nine million. With Bieber’s notoriety and the song’s success, it doesn’t look like ‘Baby’ will be dethroned anytime soon.

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