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Top 5 Terrifying Moments In Telltale’s The Walking Dead

Fear the Dead, Fear the Living

The final season of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead is now well underway, with the first episode taking the series back to its roots with a far more intimate look at the undead apocalypse. With Clementine now firmly back in the driving seat, fans are hoping to see this iconic video game title go out with the biggest bang possible. This will be no easy endeavour, especially with a legacy filled with so many horrifying and heart-wrenching moments.

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#5: Rabid Dog

Turns out that humans aren’t the only ones that have suffered in the wake of the walker uprising. After being separated from Christa, Clementine encounters what appears to be a starving dog. In spite of appearing rather docile at first, the beast eventually goes feral and bites into Clementine’s arm, leading to a frantic scuffle when eventually leaves it trapped inside barbed wire. The switch is so sudden and so violent that it’s bound to break the hearts of dog lovers everywhere.

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#4: Undead Clem

Dream sequences are often seen as a lazy gimmic that are used for surreal and cheap jumpscares. However, in this case no-one can argue its effectiveness. After waking up from a nap, Lee is set upon by a zombie version of Clementine. As he struggles to escape, the players discover that no amount of button mashing can stop her assault, leading her to tear into his neck…only for Lee to wake up a second later. It may have come out of nowhere, but it’s a nightmare that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

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#3: Cannibals

We all knew that the St. Johns were up to something, though that did little to lessen the impact of the reveal that they were cutting up survivors and turning them into dinner. The build up to discovering Mark’s legless body, racing down to prevent Clementine from eating the tainted meat, the bloody ordeal in the freezer, the whole later half of Episode 2 was just one big gory roller-coaster!

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#2: Losing the Arm

Lee’s bite added a whole other layer of tension and desperation to Season One’s last episode, since we all knew he was now essentially a ticking time bomb. Then Telltale went and made it worse by giving us the chance to cutting his arm off with a saw. Not knowing whether or not this would do him any good, may players decided it would be in Lee’s best interest to just go for it…leading to a very very, very gruesome scene where we watch Lee get amputated. Ouch.

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#1: The Stranger

The final confrontation with the enigmatic voice that had been heard on Clementine’s walkie-talkie was practically dripping with tension. The silence, the atmosphere, the revelation about how our previous choices had led to this one moment, we were all left on the edge of our seats. The ensuring dialogue not only reflected on the actions of Lee throughout the game, but also presented us with a villain who was equal parts sympathetic and psychotic.

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